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A little recap of episode 17

So, Mahir is shot and hospitalized.

Dobara episode 18 written update and review

Mahir is shot and hospitalized; and this is when both his parents are worried about him. Naheed isn’t even in the country, but her motherly instinct tells her that something is wrong with Mahir. Jehangir is also concerned, so concerned that he even skips his breakfast. I have a feeling that Jehangir will die. I sure hope he doesn’t because lately there are too many inna lillah in dramas.

Aziza is so annoying, but I know some women who are just never happy with their husbands. Aziza is one of them.


Mahir may not have many people worrying over him, but Shanu, one of the people who work at Mehrunnisa’s house, is upset and praying. This is the mark of a true hero–winning people with their good deeds.


Affan is still living at Seher’s. While Seher doesn’t always think of all the monies, her mother Ghazal incessantly nagging them to go back. Ghazal has only one motive–get her hands on Hidayatullah’s wealth. Bada hi one-tone character hai.


Now, Mahir has recovered enough to give his statement. He lies to the police, and wins Mehrunnisa all over again. I was so expecting him to tell the police about Affan. Everyone is relieved, but only because Affan doesn’t have any risk now. It’s only Zameer who is miffed with Mahir’s lie, and rightly so. Mahir is a match for his evil genius. I can’t wait to see them go head to head, or hand to hand, if need be.


What to expect from episode 19?

Perhaps everyone will find out that Affan was the one to shoot Mahir. It would be fun to see how things go from there.
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