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A little recap of episode 19

So, Mahir has recovered. Affan and Seher, Zameer and Minal, Durdana phupho, nobody is happy about this recovery.

Dobara episode 20 written update and review


Jehnagir is worried about Mehrunnisa. He has heard Mahir’s conversation with Babar, and he can’t think of a way to tell Mehrunnisa that Mahir isn’t sincere with her.


On the other hand, Mehrunnisa can see that Jehangir is a heart patient. So, she sort of convinces her father-in-law (haha) to sew a doctor.


Remember that uncle who spotted Jehangir and Mehrunnisa together. He’s a man named Luqman, Aziza’s brother. He tells her that Jehangir is having an affair. What’s with our obsession with other people’s life? If a man and a woman are spotted together somewhere, could it only be an affair? Perhaps they are meeting for business or something related to work. I guess this was only an attempt by the team to point at such people in our society. To the makers I say, well done.


PS: I has always heard Jehangir’s wife’s name is Aziza. Today, I heard it was Adeela. I was so wrong.


Mahir is home, and he is on a cleaning spree. He argues with Durdana, even subtly asks her to leave. He is playing his cards very smartly. By the way, why was Mehrunnisa hugging Mahir and all. Itna PDA? Weren’t they scared of a PEMRA notice or something?


This episode also introduces Zameer’s brother, and a certain Nadiya that Zameer was supposed to marry. Is that a hint on a saukan for Minal? We would know in the next episode.


What to expect from episode 21?

Durdana and Seher are plotting something against Mahir. Would this work? Would they be able to get rid of Mahir? Would their plan backfire?
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