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A little recap of episode 20

Mahir and Affan are back home.

Dobara episode 21 written update and review

Mahir is playing his cards right. Mehrunnisa is totally smitten by Mahir now. Affan and Mahir have a couple of spats, and then Durdana and Mahir have some bickering, and then Jahangir and Adeela argue. Bas… Jhagda jhagda…

I didn’t enjoy this episode at all. If the plot isn’t interesting, I don’t even notice the performance.

Here’s the thing. I loved the premise of this drama. Older woman falling for a younger man. I also liked the first few episodes where Mahir and Mehrunnisa genuninely hit it off. Their idealogies match to a great extent, and Mahir is just so “wow yaar”. But after marriage, this whole “main usey dhoka dunga” angle wasn’t necessary. I agree that woman’s family would oppose her decision, and that drama is still understandable, but the whole greed thing is too much to handle–Zameer is greedy, Seher is greedy, Seher’s mother is more greedy, Durdana is greedy, and Mahir also has the same goal. Koi toh variation hota.

If this drama was just “older woman younger man marriage romance”, it would have been so much better.

What to expect from episode 22?

I don’t even know. I’m not too keen about this story anymore. I have been wanting to stop all the dramas lately. It’s not that I have new stuff to watch, but… I guess I’m too exhausted by life.
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Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. haha, that’s true 🙂

  2. liza says:

    at the end of the day, i know it’s your job to review them because you wouldnt want us to waste time on it. your choice if you want to continue these dramas 🙂 you have DNUTN, rang mahal, mrs and mr shameem, ek jhooti.. for every bad drama there is always a good drama waiting for you

  3. good idea, it would be nice to watch only after it has aired. pata toh chale kitna drag kiya hai

  4. liza says:

    again, invest your energy in good dramas !! meri maano.. replace all these dramas with dramas that are WORTH watching. that’s if you wanna continue them 🙂

    im still gonna continue dobara tho

    next im gonna follow the rule that if it is a 7th sky drama, im gonna ignore it until if the whole drama is uploaded and/or if there are good reviews from both critics and viewers. otherwise, nope not gonna bother

    my next drama lined up from geo is fasiq. both praise from critics and viewers.

  5. so so disappointed.

  6. Yday whatever episode i watched, i was like–ab nahin dekhungi… sab bekar…

  7. liza says:

    of course, mahir is only maybe 1-3 years older than affan.. sigh im so disappointed in dobara

  8. Absolutely! I love verbal spats if done right, but Dobara is not it. I feel like Meru is looking after four kids (Mahir, Minal, Affan, Seher) and asking to behave, and she is giving more importance to one kid over the other making others jealous.

  9. liza says:

    verbal spats that get annoying and boring*

  10. liza says:

    there are verbal spats i love and that i get so invested in them. rang mahal was one of them, the verbal spats were so so good, so witty, sarcastic and sooo funny, there were times i couldnt stop laughing and i would keep rewatching because it’s so funny and intelligent + the dialouge deliveries by the parties were on point.

    and then there are verbal spats that get annoying and annoying and sadly dobara’s fall in this category. mazaa nhi aa rha. dobara is another drama that has disappointed me GREATLY. sarwat nazir, i am disappointed in you.

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