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A little recap of episode 24

We see a father-son face off as Jehangir tells Mahir that she knows everything.

Dobara episode 25 written update and review

The conversation between father and son affects Mahir (weird because he has never ever listened to his father). He promises to never cheat on Mehrunnisa. Adeela is still interested in Mehrunnisa’s monies. I don’t understand what this has to do with the overall plot.
Zameer needs money and he borrows twenty crore rupees from Affan. The unsuspecting (and might I add naive) Affan is ready to give him the money despite Safdar Sahib’s humble suggestion to do otherwise. Phansoge beta ji… Bahot bura phansoge.
Seher tells her mother every shit that has happened, especially what she has done to kick out Mahir out of the house. How will Affan react when he finds out the truth?
Thanks to Shanu, things are almost clear and out in the open. Nayyara sorts things out and sends Mahir to meet Mehrunnisa. Shanu tells Mehrunnisa everything, and everything is alright now. While Mahir confronts Seher, Affan overhears every single word. Aur phir Affan ne jo rona daala hai… Mere Allah… Osama has acted well but mujhe na rone wale scenes thoda bore hi karte hain.
Okay, so I don’t understand why Mahir is still willing to live with a woman who didn’t trust him. When he came home, Mehrunnisa was still like: how could you do this? And Mahir is like: I love you so much, I can’t leave you.
This episode was a little bit all over the place. Except for the whole clarification sequence, other things didn’t make much sense. I can still understand that Zameer borrowing money has something to do with the plot–to show his greed to Mehrunnisa. What did Madeeha’s proposal have to do with everything?
Also, this drama seems to suddenly head towards its end. Itna jhat pat sab hua, thoda time lagega process karne mein.
All said and done, Bilal Abbas is handsome AF and he is so talented.
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Shabana Mukhtar

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