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Let’s get started with the third episode of Dobara. I’m not too keen on reviewing this drama.

Mahir’s track

He goes for an interview, blows it with his sharp tongue. I agree with Mahir’s point of view. If he never gets a job, he will never earn experience, right? But the way he articulates his thoughts is just–rude. He is kicked out, and rightfully so. If I was the interviewer, I wouldn’t have entertained Mahir, either.

Now, Narmeen (Zoya Nasir’s character) is forcing Mahir to bring the proposal. Zoya Nasir seems to playing the same character she played in Zebaish-a gold-digger, ahem! I mean, the way she advocates for the unseen Zaman makes me suspicious.

Mahir is going out of his way to convince his parents to go and meet Narmeen’s mother. Tch, I feel for him.

Mehrunnisa’s track

Minal is shown to be very supportive of Mehrunnisa while Affan doesn’t like Mehrunnisa’s new ways.

Mehrunnisa is living her life to the fullest. It’s been 15 days since Hidayatullah’s death. She’s out and about for a walk in the park. Behen, iddat? She’s even wearing makeup. She’s  going out for shopping. Again, I ask the same question. Behen, iddat?

Parting Thoughts

Anwar is such an annoying character. When Mahir is talking to his mother, Anwar keeps interjecting. I wanted to just tape his mouth shut.

Most of the characters in this drama are, what’s the word, stereotypical. Step-mother, step-father, gold-digger daughter-in-law, bitter phupho, oh-so-typical. The only atypical character is Mehrunnisa, but she’s something else.

I still don’t understand what this drama is aiming at. I talked about this with my sister, but she doesn’t see a problem in this. She raised a point – is the protagonist shown to be a religious person? She is not, so the events of this drama seem alright to my sis.

But this isn’t about a character being religious or not. My problem is with the makers. What are they trying to tell us? That a woman should not observe iddah? That you should not mourn the death of someone? And why is phupho talking as if this would have been allowed in Canada? Islam kya Canada mein badal jata hai? Jo ghalat hai, woh har jagah ghalat hai.

If this continues on the same track without a clear indication of what the makers are trying to do, I will stop watching this drama. It bothers me, a lot.

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Thanks for the advice, Ayesha. I’m not a professional reviewer. I just note down my thoughts. Even I don’t remember my own style, let alone learning from someone else. If my reviews annoy you, I’m sure you will skip them in future; just like I skip some dramas that I don’t agree with.

  2. Ayesha says:

    not comparing you. I have just asked seek from them

  3. I probably don’t. Are you comparing my tiny little blog with reviewit.pk? Thanks! I’m in the big league, then.

  4. From the circumstances, though, it doesn’t seem like four months and ten days. Affan isn’t going to college, one semester would be over in iddat duration. Minal is still living at her mother’s, no husband is that understanding, even though Zameer is shown to be a nice person. Zameer has just reached office to look after the business. He wouldn’t have waited for 130 days to take the reigns into his hands, right? Phupho is an unreliable character so I don’t base my judgement on her remarks. Mujhe nahi lagta ki iddat khatam ho gayi hai.

  5. 666666abc12 says:

    Reading your review for the first time and I felt that you don’t know how to review a drama. Your style is so annoying. You should seek from Fatima And Zahra Mirza (reviewer of review.it.pk) that how to review a drama

  6. Could be, I gave myself the same reason. But then I didn’t understand the calender with crossed dates. What was that about? 15 days past iddat?

  7. Muhammad Zulfiqar says:

    Mam! uski iddat shayad khatam ho chuki hai otherwise phupho bar bar kehti k tumhari iddat hai. Phupho kehti Hain bewayen aisay kam nahi kartiein. Wo ye nahi kaehtein k tumhari iddat hai is liye bahir na Jao. It’s just my opinion.

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