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Okay, I stand corrected. In one scene, Affan mentions that it has been a few months since his father passed away. So, Meru’s iddat is over. Fine, fine, fine.

Mehr’s track

Affan isn’t happy with the way Mehrunnisa is acting these days. At the same time, he also asks to meet Sehr’s mother. Mehrunnisa, being a concerned mother, suggests that Affan should focus on his studies first. Durdana phupho intervenes, and promised Affan that she would meet Sehr’s mother.

I feel for Mehr. Everybody is against her, except Minal who’s neutral and supportive of her mother.

Mehr isn’t tame. She knows that Sehr doesn’t have good intentions at heart, but for Affan’s sake, she’s willing to meet Sehr’s family. That’s a good mother. All mothers sacrifice for their kids. I’m not sure if Mehr would continue to listen to Affan in future.

Mahir’s track

Mahir makes his parents Jehangir and Madiha to meet Narmeen’s mother. He has already stolen grandmother’s jewellery to give it to Narmeen.

While Madiha and Jehangir are trying to convince Narmeen’s mother for Mahir’s proposal; Aziza finds out about the theft. It is established that Mahir’s step-sister knows Narmeen’s sister Sharmeen. Bas, the duo arrives at Narmeen’s place.

Aziza comes just in time and creates a much-anticipated scene. Narmeen isn’t happy, her mother is pissed, and they are asked to leave. I know, a mother would never agree to give her daughter’s hand to a man who’s accused of stealing. She wasn’t convinced about Mahir in the first place.

Narmeen isn’t happy about the whole drama, and things are over between them. We all expected it to, because how else would Mehrunnisa marry Mahir. Technically, Mahir can marry four women at once, but I know this isn’t that kind of story.

And now, the much-awaited run-in

The two tracks converge in this episode. Mehrunnisa is out for her walk when she runs into Mahir. Mahir strikes open a conversation with Mehrunnisa. This is just the beginning. Mehrunnisa likes Mahir’s nature. He calls her young, shares her passion for tennis, suggests her to be a little selfish first.

This crossover was one episode too late. The first two episodes had established the two protagonists pretty well. I was expecting Mahir to meet Mehr in the third episode. Anywho… Der aaye, durust aaye… Let the love story begin.

Shabana Mukhtar


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  1. I knowww… And that punjabi accent elevates the song to a whole different level…

  2. Liza says:

    DAMNNNNN woman is damnnn talented wowwww what a beautiful beautiful voice!! Mashallah!

  3. pls do… it’s very short… 2:20 mins…

  4. Nope I haven’t heard that

  5. Have you heard Yasha;’s Sajna? Hauntingly beautiful… She’s blessed with such a nice voice.

  6. liza says:

    yaarrrrr tell me about it. HKKST just ruined their OST by overplaying it. don’t they have any other background scores🧐

  7. could be… when it drags, we’ll skip or 2X it 😉

  8. 2x speed, you and I both 🙂

  9. I know, man yaaram, man jaanam… but that will get old, too. it plays very often. The same happened to HKKST. *Tere bin* is overdone now…

  10. liza says:

    and tbh i’m really loving the OST it’s quite catchy

  11. liza says:

    oooo i stopped watching amanat hahaha… i mean i can’t stand saboor and i don’t like haroon shahid in this avatar but maybe when i get bored i’ll watch amanat at 2x speed

  12. liza says:

    yeah i hope so!! but this peoject is by 7th sky and 7th sky tends to drag… alif wasn’t by 7th sky it was produced by sana shanawaz and samina humayun saeed, next level productions so maybe that’s why

  13. So far, I’m watching Dobara for Bilal. It has too many tracks so it doesn’t feel very boring, yet. Talking of fast-paced dramas, watch Amanat. Ek episode mein so many things happen 🙂

  14. haha, Autocorrect is so annoying sometimes. At times I want to let my mobile write things for me.

  15. I did watch DEM yday, loved it, but it was too late to review. Alif was by GEO, and that didn’t drag much, so I’m hoping this one doesn’t, either. Qalb-e-Momin, and then Dil-e-Momin… chame to chame, as my nephew says 🙂

  16. liza says:

    it’s liza by the way. i think they autocorrected my name

  17. Array says:

    hello! dobara is going at a slow pace but it’s still entertaining tho, cant put my finger on it.
    But, I wanted to ask if you know about the new Geo Tv serial, Dil e momin? it’s replacing KAM3. I’ve watched the first two, so far so good. This time Madiha Imam is in a completely different avatar and the premise looks interesting. But it’s Geo so i’m pretty sure it will get stretched later on.

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