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Dil lagaya hai dobara, haan dobara kya kahein…

A little recap of episode 6

Mehrunnisa has hired Mahir to practice tennis with him. She dances with him on Affan’s engagement, and this doesn’t go down well with her family.

Dobara episode 7 written update & review

“Dil ke ghubaar ko anasuon mein dho lo,” Mehrunnisa tells Mahir.

Okay, so Mehrunnisa the boss lady has given an ultimatum to Affan and Durdana phupho. Minal stands by her mother’s side, but everybody, and I mean everybody is against Mehrunnisa’s new way of life. Zameer talks to Minal and openly accuses that Mehrunnisa is having an affair with Mahir.


The whole “supposed affair” thing is blown out of proportion. Be it Mehrunnisa’s family or neighbours or just random people, everyone is assassinating her character left right and centre. Even Anwar learns about this and tells Madiha (or whatever is Angeline’s character’s name). Without even verifying the rumour, she calls Jehangir and asks him to talk to Mahir. Why didn’t she speak to Mahir once?


Minal is the only one who supports and stands by Mehrunnisa. She even says that Mehrunnisa can marry someone else now that she is a widow. This drama does a fine job of showing what people expect of a widow.


Mehrunnisa learns to drive the car, in one day, ONE DAY. That’s amazing. Mahir drops Mehrunnisa home, and Mehrunnisa asks him over for tea. What she doesn’t know is that a storm is waiting for her at home. Affan misbehaves with Mahir and Mehrunnisa both. Things almost get out of hand and Affan threatens to leave the house.

Safdar, one of the old employees is worried that the company has lost a tender to Fareed & Company. Zameer smartly puts the whole thing on women politics, that Mrs Fareed would have to interfered.

I don’t think I mentioned it in the previous episode but I want to talk about Zameer. He was shown to be a sincere man, what he said made sense. Then we saw him offering namaz. And then cut to episode 5 where he is trying to hurt Hidayatullah’s business. Hey, I know people are corrupt. But do we have to show that corrupt people offer prayers? This paints the pious people in bad light. We have enough trouble as it is. We shouldn’t do this. I know, characters are diverse and grey… This is just my opinion. Perhaps, the makers are trying to show us that not all pious man are good worldly men; that not all men who offer prayers might be trustworthy. Dost hota nahin har haath badhane wala. Oh, and Nabeel has come a long way from his uncomfortable and awkward Sherry in Suno Chanda to a suave businessman in Dobara. Credit when credit’s due… Well done Nabeel.

Bilal is so effing talented. When he leaves Mehrunnisa’s house, my heart went out to him. Mehrunnisa was his sole source of income and moral support. How will he survive now? Will his friend let him live rent-free? We don’t know yet.

We will know that in the next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar


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