Drama Review | Humsafar | Episode 6

A little recap

Khirad and Ashar are out to attend a party. 

Humsafar episode 6 written update and review

So, Ashar and Khirad go to a party. We see that Khirad isn’t as tame as Ashar takes her to be. She socializes well, befriends Ashar’s colleagues’ wives… She proves Sara wrong in many ways, but the thing is, Sara isn’t watching this. Will Ashar see this and realize just how wrong his first impressions are. On the way back, Ashar takes Khirad to an ice-cream parlour. Khirad and Ashar are getting along well.

Ashar has one problem – he shares too much with Sara. I had said the same in my review for episode 4 of Humsafar. And I repeat myself here. Bhai, har baat har ek ko batane ki nahin hoti. He meets Sara and tells her about the party. Sara doesn’t feel nice to be proven wrong. She takes the day off and goes home.

Sara calls Khirad and tells her that it was her (Sara’s) suggestion that Ashar took Khirad to the party. What is hse trying to achieve by this? Does she want Khirad to have an ingeriority complex throughout her life?

Zarina isn’t like those mothers who would plot to win her daughter’s love back. Instead, she reprimands Sara for still thinking about Ashar. It doesn’t work with Sara, as she is too adamant. At least it shows us what Zarina’s stance is. Remember that, exam mein aayega.

Khirad and Ashar are coming closer. Ashar wants to take Khirad out for coffee, but Sara’s phone call interrupts them. Ashar goes to attend to Sara. Nope, it was nothing serious. Zarina has chosen someone for Sara, and she doesn’t want to marry the guy. I like that Ashar isn’t impressed by this drama. Sara is so childish, and not in a good way. 

Sara’s obsession for Ashar is becoming annoying already. Even my mother says: kya wahi wahi baat karti hai yeh Sara? 

What to expect from episode 7?

Will Ashar see the real Khirad? Will he see through the false image that Sara has created for Khirad?

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