Drama Review | Humsafar | Episode 9

A little recap of episode 8

Khizar is getting too friendly with Khirad. Khirad and Ashar’s romance continues. 

Humsafar episode 9 written update and review

Khizar is hospitalized, and he needs blood. Guess who donates blood? Khirad, who else? She’s the universal donor, O -ve. Remember this… Exam mein aayega.

Fareeda encourages Khirad to donate blood.  Something is fishy, I tell you.

When Ashar learns about this, he feels jealous of Khizar. Why, Ashar, why? Can’t your wife donate blood?

Yet again, this drama doesn’t rely on the background score to make things dramatic. It’s the content that talks. Dramatic pauses, beautifully shot scenes, no background noise…

What to expect from episode 10?

More jealousy, I guess?

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