Drama Review | Ishq-e-Laa | Hum TV | Episode 1

Ishq-e-Laa is a new drama that started airing on October 21, 2021.

Let’s gear up to lose ourselves in Ishq-e-Laa’s passionate, romantic and profound story!

Featuring two award-winning actress who are known to absorb themselves entirely in the character and act each role to perfection, Yumna Zaidi and Sajal Aly. Alongside, for the first time ever Azaan Sami Khan will be stepping into the acting world. The lineup of stars in the mega project is to be envious of.

This is a mega project with a handpicked cast.  The teaser promises the drama to be a high-value production with the story line being commercial and yet touching the spirituality.

With so much that the plot offers and two powerhouse performers as leads and veterans as supporting cast, this drama might just be the next big thing.


Written by: Qaisera Hayat

Directed by: Amin Iqbal

Produced by: Momina Duraid Productions

You can meet the cast and characters here.

Without much further ado, let’s dive into the episode.

Ishq-e-Laa Episode 1 Written Update and Review

Shanaya’s track

The episode begins with a very powerful and touchy scene as Shanaya reads Qur’an tafseer. Juz 12, Surah Yusuf, I guess.

She is a journalist, and hosts a show called “Jawaab Do”. Laila Wasti is her mother.


Professor Rehman’s track

Professor Rehman who talks on a TV show. Very nicely written lines. Touchy! Sufi!

Ishq mein manzil nahi hoti, safar hota hai.

Azlan’s track

We see Azlan in Shanghai, China. He wants to open a branch of his bank in China. Sahi hai. Bhai is loaded. He has studied from US of A. He has opened branches in 10 countries in 5 years. Bhai waah! His father is proud of him, obvio!


Azka’s track

Then, we finally see Azka. Abid, her bhabhi’s brother is after Azka, and Azka loses her temper. She likes to play with pigeons and aspires to be a doctor.

Nusrat Khala forcefully puts a ring on Azka’s finger thinking that she can get Abid married to Azka. Khatija isn’t so tame. She strictly tells Nusrat and Kanwal to forget about Abid’s proposal.


Abid runs a general store, and is a scoundrel.

The three tracks converge-Shanaya is Azlan’s cousin or fiancee. Sultan works as a cook at Azlan’s house. He accidentally walks on shards of broken glass and gets hurt, so he sends Azka and Khatija to fill in for him. It is safe to assume that Shanaya and professor Rehman work at the same TV channel. All the four tracks have converged now. I will still try and structure my review separate for all the tracks.

The episode ends with such a real scene-Azlan finds a strand of hair in daal. Kahani har ghar ki… My sister hates it but sometimes it happens.

What a powerful opening of a drama it is… simply loved it.

Parting Thoughts

When the two dramas – Dobara and Ishq-e-Laa were announced, I was more excited for Dobara because of Bilal Abbas. After seeing the first episodes of both the dramas, I have changed my mind. IEL has a more promising plotline, and the production value is definitely higher.

The first episode has intrigued me enough. I can’t wait to see the next episode. Azka’s story is most interesting, but I know all the characters will soon be interlinked.

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So long!

Shabana Mukhar

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  1. The first episode was so perfect. I wished it was a web show so I could binge it 🙂

  2. Oh, I missed that one… I know people are pissed when they find something in their food. Lovely direction, and good catch there…

  3. liza says:

    and i also loved the foreshadowing. Sultan asks the mulazim to cover her hair. Then afterwards, it was HIS sister who will be at fault. loved loved it

  4. liza says:

    Yup!! so so good!! simply loved the first episode alr!

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