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A little recap from episode 12

So, Shanaya has left us to remember her in our prayers.

Ishq-e-Laa episode 13 written update and review

Shireen, Azlan, Ambreen and Ghayas; Azka, Kanwal and Khadija all are mourning Shanaya’s demise. Brilliant acting by everyone especially Laila Wasti and Azan. The way Laila Wasti breaks down over and over, we can see her helplessness and vulnerability.


Aliha accidentally tells Abid about her kidnap. When Kanwal asks Abid to stay away, he threatens her about Azka. Kanwal tries to slap him but he stops her. This woman is suffering, and she’s struggling to make ends meet. My heart goes out to her. Kudos to Uzma for her heartfelt portrayal of Kanwal.


I can feel just how helpless Kanwal feels. Azka can’t study medicine now, the two people who promised to help her fulfill her dream of being a doctor have both been killed by Arbab Haroon and his son. Will justice ever prevail?


The police officer knows the murderer’s link to Arbab Haroon, but due to lack of evidence, he suggests that Ghayas should take the case back. Will Ghayas be able to bring justice to Shanaya?


This episode was quite a surprise for me. I had thought that we won’t see Sajal Aly. We still see her now, in Azlan’s and Azka’s hallucinations. That was a surprise.


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Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Very much so… He was on a different level yesterday…

  2. liza says:

    azaan actually proved me wrong after yesterdays performance. and i think i could kind of make sense why last ep azlan was reacting the way he did. like he was just going through the 7 stages of grief and last ep was denial. this ep was a mix of grief and denial. anyways, good job azaan !

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