Drama Review | Ishq-e-Laa | Hum TV | Episode 14

A little recap from episode 13

Azlan and his family, Shanaya and her family, Azka and her family, all are dealing with grief of losing their loved ones.

Ishq-e-Laa episode 14 written update and review

Azka and her family is struggling to make ends meet, to feed themselves. Why don’t they look for a job? I don’t understand the whole scene with Abid. Abid being nice and Azka not being rude to Abid… Azka has lost her mind. She has succumbed to the financial pressure.

I loved that Kanwal is now so madly protective of Azka and Khadija and Aliha.


Azlan remembers Shanaya’s plans to help Azka in her studies. Okay, so now will he do the things that Shanaya used to do? He did visit the old woman in the last episode.


It’s Ambreen’s birthday. She already had one birthday, no? The one where Azlan gifted her a vase that broke. Just how much time has passed in 14 episode. Did we have a time leap? Why can’t I remember?


Azan Sami Khan is getting better with each episode. That expression in the gift shop was just wow: ghum aur ek acchi si yaad ki muskurahat ka haseen imtezaaj.


Now, let’s get to the new OST: Ibadat Mohabbat… I watched it like 5 times. Whatta song!

Ibadat mohabbat ki karte huye
Duaaon mein rooh ki utarta hai dil
Ibadat mohabbat ki karte huye
Duaaon mein rooh ki utarta hai dil

Tere zikr se kar ke aksar waazu

Namazein mohabbat ki parta hai dil

Ibadat karun mein teri berukhi ki

Laabon pe mere tere hi bas
Ab khushyon ki chadar orhay huye
Zakhm kha ke tere musukrate chalein
Ibadat mohabbat ki karte huye
Duaaon mein rooh ki utarta hai dil
Addat ki tarah tujhe dhundhta hun
Oh zakhmon ko tujhse phir se ghera karaun
Tu nasho ke jese raghon mein basey
Saar jhuka ke teri yaadon ko poojta hun

Ibadat ki khwaish nahi jaante
Wo pagal joh dil ko nahi maante
Ibadat ki khwaish nahi jaante
Wo pagal joh dil ko nahi maante

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  1. Yep, looking forward to seeing Azka and Azlan together. In that scene as she sits down on the bed, she had a peculiar expression on her face as if she’s saying: I have arrived. My time has come. Sooo beautiful. Yumna is very talented, and she is so natural

  2. Yeah, the lyrics just add to the beautifully composed track. Azan’s singing voice is quite different and I loved it. SEA mein Asim Azhar chha gaya hai. Baccha achha gata hai… 😀

  3. liza says:

    omg i listened to the song like 10 times every time i listen, mujhe rona athi hai…

    the song is so nuanced it gets all your emotions even sinf e aahan ost has the same effect on me.

    also i don’t think majority will agree but i’m soooo looking forward to azka and azlans track and YUMNA EFFING ZAIDI OH MY GOD !!! SHE LOOKS SO HOT IN SOME SCENES in azlans haveli (after getting married)

    this is the first time seeing yumna playing a girl who will become rich because of her roles it’s either she plays a girl from a lower to middle class family.

    ishq e laa just got super interesting… now that shanaya isn’t completely thrown off the picture.

    brb as i listen to the ost again 🙂

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