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A little recap from episode 14

Azka has asked Abid to bring her proposal. This time again, it wouldn’t work out, I’m sure.

Ishq-e-Laa episode 15 written update and review

Azka dreams that she is indeed becoming a teacher.

Kanwal decides to sell her jewellery for Azka’s fee. Why isn’t Azlan doing anything? Why can’t Shanaya indirectly help her?

Abid and Nusrat both come to Azka’s house, but Kanwal rejects the proposal. Now, Azka and her family are worried, while Abid is furious now. He vows to get Azka at all costs. I think this subplot should be put to rest as soon as possible.


Azlan is now seeing a shrink. He tells that he sees Shanaya, and he still does Shanaya. Azan Sami Khan looks like a person who has lost her mind. Whoever has done his makeup has done a fabulous job. Of course, Azan himself has portrayed his character superbly.

Ambreen talks to Azlan and asks him to bring himself together and fight for justice for Shanaya’s murder. Aur bas phir, munda raste pe aa gaya. Mast suit woot mein… That’s not all. He is a transformed person now, vowing to avenge Shanaya’s death. Mast scene, I wike it.

Ghayas meets Haroon Arbab to threaten him, It’s a bad decision for sure, and I have a feeling we are about to say inna lillah one more time. Haroon openly admits of killing Shanaya.


Will Ghayas say good-bye to us? Or is this just a false alarm?

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