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A little recap from episode 18

Azka’s classes have started and we see Zain, a classmate who is smitten by Azka.

Ishq-e-Laa episode 19 written update and review

Azlan is now flipping out at inspector Wali who is supposedly his friend. I’m not sure. Isn’t Wali also updating Arbab Haroon? Is Wali one of the culprits? I don’t know.

Azlan decides to take control in his own hands. He might meet Azka and her family soon to know what had happened on the day of Shanaya’s murder.
Zain is already hitting on Azka. You look different, how do I look? How do you like me? Hamna, their friend also notices that Zain is interested in Azka. And later Zain also tells her.
“Agar aap meri nazar se dekhein toh shayad aapko malum ho jaye ki aap kitni special hain.”
Kuch jaldee nahin ho gaya sab?
Zain’s parents Mudassar and Munazza are worried because Zunaira’s in-laws-to-be were greedy and asked 10 lakh rupees. Haw! That family scene was nice. Zain is a nice chap, the way he handles
Azlan and Kanwal’s little spat was so angsty. I like when both parties are right in an argument. Neither of them are wrong. They both have lost their spouse. They are hurting, and it shows. Fabulous performance by both.
Would Azka tell Azlan that she was the one who asked Shanaya to help?


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