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A little recap from episode 18

Azlan yells at Kanwal and Azka for what has happened to Shanaya.


Ishq-e-Laa episode 19 written update and review

Azka, Azlan and Kanwal, they all keep remembering the bitter conversation, each of them feeling guilty of their cowardice.


Kanwal is upset, devastated after talking to Azlan. She feels guilty of taking back Sultan’s case. Uzma has acted so well in that scene.


Azlan meets Azka again at her college. The scene was meant to progress the plot, and it did. Not only did Azka and Azlan have a great confrontation, Zain is now suspicious about Azka and Azlan. Ek teer se do shikar, nice writing.


This whole Azlan business isn’t hidden from Abid. He creates a ruckus, again. This track is dragging a lot. I don’t like it.


Best scene

The best scene of this episode was the confrontation between Azlan and Azka. I know, I know, even though Zain expressed how he feels about Azka, but that scene doesn’t come close to the scene between Azlan and Azka. Soo good!


Yumna is such a great performer. She has embodied this role much like she does every role. I felt as if she is really feeling Azka’s pain. I mean, I did. It was such a beautiful performance.

Uzma has had a strong grip on her character since the beginning. I enjoy her character and her performance, both.

Azan Sami Khan’s acting is getting more nuanced as time passes. I think he’s finally getting a hold of his emotions. Liked him.

Abid was quite annoying as usual. He has chosen a role so drastically opposite from Gulzar Hussain of Ehd-e-Wafa, I feel that is works against him, sort of.


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