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A little recap from episode 19

Zain proposed to Azka, but she goes and sits in Azlan’s waiting car without

Ishq-e-Laa episode 20 written update and review

Azka clarified everything with Zain. So, she likes Zain just as much. Azka’s family, however, has found a good proposal for Azka. She then asks Zain to send his proposal.


Azlan has joined office again, and he is back in his business mind. On the other hand, Ambreen and Shireen are still trying to come to terms with their losses. My heart goes to LailaWasti. Kitni real acting karti hain woh, yaar…


Azlan has kidnapped Arsalan.

I loved how Arsalan’s shades fall on the road, and we see the car speeding away. It was so poetic. It was Arsalan who hit Sultan on the road and sped away. Now, it’s him who is kidnapped. Who’s the director? Amin Iqbal… My salute to him.

When Arsalan says, “meri to maan bhi nahin hai.” I have never seen Jeena or Man Mayal, but I have heard several jokes about Jeena’s repeated “mere to maan baap bhi nahin hain”. Bahot hi accha laga.

I also loved that Arsalan refers to Azlan as Azlan bhai all the time. Ever since the first appearance, Arsalan gives a very Nausherwan vibe, you know, from Namal? A very rich and uncertain brat who can’t do anything

Azlan’s police friend Wali comes to talk to Azlan and warns him to not play with the law, but I don’t think Azlan will listen to any reason now. He is beyond reason.


This episode was so so so good. I don’t think I have enough words and enough time to praise just how entertaining and engaging this episode was.


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Shabana Mukhtar

8 Comments Add yours

  1. liza says:

    it has 20 episodes 🙂

    there is also another zee5 series called ek jhooti love story, it’s a rom com with bilal abbas and madiha imam. i liked it too.

    yeah try getting a month’s subscription.. i think it’s only like rs500? or you can get 1 year’s subscription too i think it was rs899?

  2. I guess I will take a subscription for a month, wouldn’t hurt 🙂

  3. Awnnn… That’s so sweet… How many episodes does it have?

  4. liza says:

    you can just subscribe for a month !! or i can share my account with you :””) i’m the only one using it and i can share it up to 5 people so i don’t mind sharing it with you 🙂

  5. i love the title 🙂 I am always tempted to subscribe, but then I hardly watch anything on any other app. I took Amazon prime for a couple of months and what a waste it was. From Sunday to Saturday, SEM is the only one I look forward to, and it’s the only one I would want to binge if it was available.

  6. Array says:

    of course !! apke ilawa meray pass kaun hai :”)

    but yeah im super disappointed at the rate which the dramas are going on now.. also highly recommend mrs and mr shameem but that’s on zee5 and im guessing you dont have a subscription :/

    nauman ijaz aur saba qamar chha gaya usme

  7. I agree to many things in parts.
    1. Dobara has always been slow, now moreso than before.
    2. IEL is going all over the place now. thora revenge, thora forced romance, thora tragedy and emotions… Abid track has always been annoying, I think I mentioned it in the previous episode or something. The talent is wasted as Abid.
    3. SEA: Oh, yeah, it was like watching a small documentary on how great pakistan and pakistanis are. Don’t rub it in our faces. It has been 14 episodes now.
    4. SEM: True gem, Atif chha gaya thha iss episode mein. He isn’t just a husky voice, dude can emote, too. BB two episodes have shown enough drama, but as I’ve guessed it from the trailer, this one is going to be nasty and overdramatic all the time.

    I look forward to hearing your opinion, Liza 🙂
    We are rant buddies, remember?

  8. liza says:

    is it just me or all these dramas are disappointing me now.. they all started off great but they are now showing a negative trajectory at the halfway mark. dobara, IEL, SEA… like dobara is going rlly slow.. the greed for money track is getting on my nerves and mehru seems more motherly towards mahir than being his wife. and it’s such a turnoff for me. i dont enjoy their scenes as much as i did at the start. i feel hadiqa has like something restraining her but bilal is great as always.

    IEL, i feel no symapthy towards azka. very poorly written character, she is extremely selfish and annoying and azlaan is.. i dont even know. azaan sami khan has lapsed in his performance.. im not even looking forward to IEL anymore. like i can’t watch it.. abid track is getting too annoying too

    SEA… the heavily pushed in patriotism in every episode is getting on my nerves too. i feel sajal ali was wasted in the drama.. yumna, ramsha and kubra are the only ones doing a good job. even nathmy’s speech last episode was supppper boring. and my sis said and i quote ‘feels like someone was paying her to say good things about pakistan’. i mean there wasn’t a need to make the patriotism in your face.. like it’s just out there.. no subtletly.. like yaar bhai hummay pata hai… you dont have to mention it all the time.

    the ONLY drama im looking forward to is sang e mah. i looked forward to jo bichar gaye but now it’s ending and this sunday would be the last episode i mean the performance and direction?!! too too good.. im gonna miss that masterpiece. haisam hussain is frickin brilliant. weekday dramas are such a disappointment now.. unable to make a judgment on badshah begum because it’s only at it’s initial episodes. just soo disappointing now..

    i’m just gonna watch mrs and mr shameem on zee5, it’s sooo good. i mean nauman ijaz and saba qamar, what more do you need? and kashif nisar as the director? project hit hogayi hai bhai

    i dont know if you agree with me but that’s just my opinion.

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