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A little recap from episode 20

So, Azlan has kidnapped Arsalan and has asked Arbab Haroon to confess that he killed Shanaya.

Ishq-e-Laa episode 21 written update and review

Arbab Haroon confesses that he killed Shanaya, and that Arsalan is innocent . Of couse, he plans to get out of it. But his son Arsalan being young and impressionable, has accepted that he is a criminal for killing Sultan. The next scene just summerizes what happens to Arbab and Arsalan. I like the closure.

We see a time jump. Azka and Zain have graduated with flying colours. Zunaira’s proposal with Affan is almost final, only if Zain agrees for watta-satta. Zain refuses-simply and flatly. Would he cave to his parents’ pressure? I think so.

Azlan is back to being the rude, arrogant, and obonoxious. He humilates Mr Danish, the guy who has worked for Ghayas for thirty years, and tells him that his ideologies are too outdated. Mr Danish resigns, but Azlan doesn’t see that he has done wrong. I liked Anjum Habib’s acting in that little scene. From Lal Khan in Ehd-e-Wafa to Mr Danish in Ishe-e-Laa, Anjum Habib has always impressed me with his acting.

Azka has finally gotten to meet the person who paid her fee for her medical education.

And then she meets Azlan. He insults Azka for no reason (okay, he might have some reason),

Yumna Zaidi…. the last ten minutes of this episode is one of her best scenes ever. Her confusion, her shock, her dilemma… This episode was so so good. I don’t think I’ve enough words to express how good this felt.

Now, to the last question: when are Azka and Azlan getting married? I mean… Zain wouldn’t marry Azka for sure, but what will force Azlan to propose to Azka? I’m intrigued, and eagerly waiting for the next episode.


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  1. Yeah, just get to the point already and be done with it. That’s why I liked Laapata. It might have had some problems but at least things happened zoop zoop zoop

  2. liza says:

    at this point, the drama is too dragged to a point i can’t tolerate it anymore.

    azka’s character is hella annoying the shit out of me. i can’t take it anymore. today i was watching amin iqbal’s interview at fuchsia and what a masoom admi… honestly felt sooo bad scrutinizing the drama so much but it’s true !! it’s been 12 episodes since shanaya death, plot’s place is EXTREMELYYYY slow. the only reason why i am watching is is just because i want to see under what circumstances azka and azlaan get married. that’s it. i’m not interested in the plot anymore

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