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A little recap from episode 22

Azka runs into Azlan at the graveyard, and the two are still cold and bitter towards each other. We are in for a hate to love romance, people.

Ishq-e-Laa episode 23 written update and review

Zain is still insistent on marrying Azka without his parents’ permission. Azka refuses, even agrees to leave him. I like Azka’s stance and her arguments in her favour. Salute to Azka. She might have been confused and annoying at times but suddenly she sounds very mature and confident.

“Mohabbat karna aur usko paa lena har ek ke naseeb mein nahin hota,” Azka says.

Bravo, girl!!!

Abid *rolling my eyes so hard* is still after Azka. This is getting so old. Why can’t we be just done with this track? Thankfully, Kanwal goes to the police station to file a FIR against Abid. Remember Abid is a drug dealer. Bas, police na daboch liya. Khair se kaam khatam. Ab yeh track open na ho. Bahot ho gaya.

Khadija is looking for a match for Kanwal. Kanwal is so mad, so mad, but there is nothing wrong in it. Will Kanwal consider remarrying for financial, emotional, social stability? I hope she does.

On the other hand, Azlan goes out of Pakistan for some award ceremony. Back home, Ambreen gets sick. This is the perfect chance to guilt Azlan into remarrying.

Alright, so now Azka and Azlan will be together. Finally!!!!!

Yumna chha gayi iss episode mein. What an actor she is! Just too good.
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Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Yeah, it started on such a different note, and look where it is now. The whole Zain subplot seems to be a waste now. And you are right, when you are so close to the end, you don’t want to give up on a drama, especially when some people are favs. Yday’s episode Azan looked soooo good… 😀

  2. liza says:

    i dont know about you but im personally losing interest in IEL… like the story is just haywire now.. everything is going in circles. it took 14 bloody episodes for azka and azlaan to get together? and it seems like it will take another 2-3 more episodes for that to manifest. im tired of IEL already. but i dont want to stop because im already this far and its yumna zaidi..

    overall my rating for IEL at the moment went from an 8 to 6.5. very poorly developed story, as well as it’s characters.

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