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A little recap from episode 23

Azlan brings his mother to the hospital, and guess who’s the doctor? Azka. Khadija is trying to find a match for Kanwal. While Azka is on board for this new change, Kanwal is reluctant and Aliha is just not ready.

Ishq-e-Laa episode 24 written update and review

We see Azlan visiting the neighbourhoods that Shanaya would visit in quest of “peace”, but even when he is told that reading Quran would give him peace, he is reluctant to listen. Bhai, tu gaya kyu thha phir udhar? I understand that Azlan is still hurting and still unwilling to concede to the superior power. My grouse is that it has been 24 episodes. How much longer would he take? Would he loss his mother to gain some sanity?

The 3 scenes in this context are shot beautifully, and I liked the little boy who talked to Azlan.


Zain meets Nida, his fiance and Zunaira’s nand, to tell her the truth. And the whole conversation miffed me so much. Basically, Zain told Nida that he likes Azka, but is willing to marry Nida only for sake of his sister Zunaira’s happiness. And he was like, main abhi bata de raha hoon.

Dude? Seriously?

If Nida had come to him to tell him that she likes someone else but is marrying him just because… Would that be acceptable to Zain? We give men just too much authority and privileges some times. And then men take some more. Long story short, I didn’t like Zain’s stance on this whole thing. But I did appreciate that Nida put her foot down, and that her family didn’t break ties with Zunaira. Though they did ask Zunaira to never see Zain again. Uff, hamare desi harbey to emotionally blackmail someone…


Despite Aliha’s protests, and despite Kanwal’s own apprehensions, she gets married to a well-to-do guy. The guy seems nice, so dar. How this marriage affects Aliha and Kanwal, we are yet to see. I hope, just hope, that Ishq-e-Laa doesn’t become a story about challenges of a woman when she remarries. You know, keep it about Azka and Azlan, shall we?

On a side note, I liked how Khadija convinced Kanwal for this marriage. I’m not against interwoven subplots, but I don’t want the subplots to take more time than the realmplot. Kanwal was a widow, and widows are allowed to remarry; lesson learned. Anow we don’t want to see Kanwal in her new house. Aise toh yeh drama kabhi khatam hi nahin hoga.


As for the real couple Azka and Azlan, their bitterness towards each other is still on all time high. Azlan wants to donate one of his kidneys to his mother, but he doesn’t want Azka to be involved. This rich man and his tantrums…


This episode was a bit all over the place. With Kanwal starting a new chapter in life, Azka adjusting without Zain, and Azlan trying to find a meaning of his life, the whole Zain-Nida-Zunaira angle felt unnecessary and unrelated. Or maybe it’s just me. I’m not interested in Zain, anymore. Can we move on, please?

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Shabana Mukhtar

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