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A little recap from episode 24

Ambreen is unwell, and needs a kidney. On the other side,

Ishq-e-Laa episode 25 written update and review

Zain’s family has finally decided to let Zain marry Azka. Zain is as happy as could be, but he doesn’t know that things have changed, drastically.


Kanwal is happily married to Zahid. He is a nice chap, he even brings Aliha home with him. Now that Kanwal is happy in her life, Azka is the only worry in Khadija’s life.


So, Ambreen needs a kidney and Azlan’s kidney doesn’t match. He is willing to pay any cost, but even his monies can’t buy everything.

The law dictates that only a family member can donate kidney. It makes  Azka thinking. This is her only chance to repay the ehsaan that Shanaya has done. Her kidney matches with Ambreen’s. Azka tells Azlan this, but Azlan being a dumb head doesn’t get it. Azka will have to be part of his family for donating the kidney.

Alright, so now Azka and Azlan will be together. Finally!!!!! I said this in episode 23, but it took two more episodes to finally get here. I was so curious to know what will make them tie the knot. I love how this is turned around Ambreen’s sickness. Azlan has offered Azka a contract marriage and she has refused, for now. How long will Azka fight this?

Yumna chha gayi iss episode mein. What an actor she is! Just too good. Azan also looks very handsome. And he has acted well for his part. He looks angry, vulnerable, devastated.
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