Drama Review | Ishq-e-Laa | Hum TV | Episode 4

Ishq e Laa ibteda, inteha uski raza


With professor Rehman’s voiceover, we see people attacking the news channel’s office. That scene was so scary. When it comes to intolerance and violence, Indians and Pakistanis are just the same.


Shanaya’s mother is worried about Shanaya but then the mother-daughter duo is strong. Shanaya’s cousin Fahad has proposed to Shanaya. Would Shanaya accept the proposal?


Azka tells Sultan about the whole teasing episode, Sultan loses his temper, he confronts Azlan’s mother and quits his job, Kanwal talks rubbish to Azka and eventually leaves the house. Sultan doesn’t let Aniha go. These events happen so fast that it took me a couple of minutes to process it all. Sohail Sameer is so nice in that scene.


I like that despite her differences with Azka, Kanwal doesn’t bicker. When Kanwal’s aunt asks her about Azka, Kanwal tells the truth – that Azka is a sweet, and studious and respectful girl. I like that the typical nand-bhawaj bitterness didn’t affect her opinion. How often do we see that? Never!


I don’t like Azlan’s mother. She doesn’t understand just how serious it was. The guy teased Azka and then Azlan insults Azka. How could she stand by Azlan when Azlan was wrong?


Shanaya and Azlan go out to buy a gift for Azlan’s mother as a birthday present. In that shop, we see that Azlan does listen to Shanaya’s opinions after all. Whether it’s love or just friendly connection, it’s hard to tell.


Azlan, the brat and self-confessed perfectionist breaks the vase. Bas phir, he loses his temper again. Shanaya asks Azlan to join her for launch. She talks about Fahad’s proposal, and she also talks about Azlan.


“My parents asked me to marry you. Just because you tolerate someone for some time doesn’t mean that you can marry her,” Azlan says.


That crosses the line. Shanaya agrees to Fahad’s proposal.


This drama is fast-paced. Many things happen and they also reach conclusion fast. That’s the best thing about this drama. The sibling connection is very strong between Sultan and Azka. Shanaya’s connection with Allah is also very strong. Her prayers after meeting Azlan broke my heart a little. You feel for the girl. The credit goes to good writing and great acting, both.


And this review was super short and super fast as well.


Off I go.


Shabana Mukhtar

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