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Hello peeps,

It’s time to review the latest episode of Ishq e Laa.


To be honest, I’m not too thrilled to review this episode because this episode didn’t thrill me at all. It was just so predictable. It also felt like just a few sequences that don’t progress much. This episode was like a breather. We take a little break before the story resumes at full speed..


Aliha is taken to a hospital. She has fallen down the stairs. Kanwal realizes that it’s her lies that have caused this accident to Aliha. This isn’t a small feat. People don’t realize their mistakes so soon. Kanwal is one of those lucky few jo thokar kha kar sambhal bhi jate hain.


Kanwal Apologizes to Azka and Khadija. She is a changed woman now. She even talks to Nusrat and tells her that Azka would never marry Abid. Nusrat Khala isn’t too keen on marrying Abid to Azka. Abid, however, vows to marry Azka and nobody but her. He barges in at Kanwal’s place, challenges that he would marry Azka… Or else… Would Abid stoop to hurt Azka and her family? We will know when the time is right. In this episode, even Sultan doesn’t know that Abid had come to threaten them.


On the other side, Shanaya and Azlan are romancing. I like their sweet bickering. I had not expected Azlan to be so romantic. But I sense that the married couple will have irrevocable differences soon.

Sajal Ali looks stunning, and Azan looks handsome. They make for a nice on-screen couple.

Alright, off to watch Raqs-e-Bismil episode 2.

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. liza says:

    sajal and azaan do make a good pair tho !! although ahad and azaan are actually best friends irl 😂😂

    and oh !! next week we have quite a few new dramas coming…. mor morrehan (i’m most excited about this), ay musht e khaak (and this because sana and feroze) and there is a new geo drama with wahaj ali and maya ali based on the bangladeshi-pak war i think (not produced by 7th sky that’s why i’m enticed AND there is my cutie wahaj too) will you be attempting to watch any one of them and are you interested?😂😂 i know you have a lot of dramas on your plate

    1. Mor for Zahid perhaps… Ae Musht-e-Khak might be similar to other work that Feroz has done, but I will give them both a 5-episode try.

      WAhaj Ali is my fav, and Maya Ali I avoid, so I’m not sure 🙂

      1. liza says:

        right about feroze even i will give it a few eps try… i think maya is different in this. i hope she isn’t a bechari.

      2. Hehe… That’s a change… Our heroines are always so bechari…

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