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A little recap from episode 8

Azka has gotten fifth position and is ready to write the medical entrance exams.

Ishq-e-Laa episode 9 written update and review

I called it.
When Sultan went to get sweets for Azka’s results, I feared that something bad would happen to him, and in this episode my worst fears came true. Okay, let me admit. I was expecting it, because why else would Azka work in Azlan’s house? I totally loved the foreshadowing in the previous episode. Azka had offered to take a job instead of doing medical, and Sultan had not liked it. Little did he know that Azka would be taking a job instead of doing medical. This drama has some superb writing. I wike it.
Someone hits Sultan, then drives over him. Why didn’t anyone stop that car? Abid is behind the accident. that was my first guess. But no, I was wrong. It is Arbab Haroon’s son. Arbab’s talk with his son reminded me of Khaani’s second episode. Arbab scolded his employee for letting his son drive the car, and then planned to save his ass. Anyone else feels that way? No? Okay…
Kanwal has already called Shanaya for help as Shanaya the only person she knew. Shanaya reached the hospital but it was too late. Shanaya did leave her own birthday party for the same, and I admire her relentless pursuit for justice.
Insaniyat ka koi status nahin hota..
Shanaya goes to the police station but the police officer doesn’t file the FIR. Argh, technicalities…
Shanaya doesn’t back down some easily. She brings Kanwal to the police station but the police officer still doesn’t file the FIR. Again, technicalities…
Azlan isn’t happy with Shanaya. He sounds like a jerk many a times. This is what will drive Shanaya away from him.


Uzma Hassan has acted so well, so well. She has shone in all the scenes. Even the little girl who plays Aliha has emoted from heart. Sajal is as fierce as ever. Azan and Sajal really have smouldering chemistry.

What to expect from episode 10?

Azlan isn’t happy with Shanaya. To make things work, Arbab threatens Azlan about Shanaya.
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