Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 13

Let’s review the latest episode of Laapata. This drama is becoming more interesting with each passing episode.

Laapata episode 13 written update

Raju is proving to be quite a nuisance for Shams. So far, Shams has done nothing except giving verbal warnings. I would love to see him in his full-rogue mode.

Shams agrees to marry Gaiti. We all saw that coming. His conversation with Gaiti in the previous episode was quite flirtatious.

Muneera, the maid requests Falak to go back to Karachi. She can’t tell the whole truth. But Falak can put two and two together. She meets Daniyal’s friend Aurangzeb and his wife. She finds the whole truth, even sees Daniyal’s gun. Would she confront Daniyal or would she leave him?

Nope, leaving him would be easy, so she confronts him.

She underestimates Daniyal, though. Daniyal lies unconcious, and the scene cuts to a flashback.

We see a lot of new faces – Momina Iqbal as Daniyal’s ex-wife Aliya, her father Sardar who’s Daniyal’s nemesis, and Aliya’s brother.

We do see Shams and Raju face-to-face.

I like that scene, but it was a bit tame. I would have loved some more drama. Shams is too complacent, or so it seems. Even Munshi warns him about Raju who might retaliate later. Our dude has been in the jail for two years. I am sure he’d be able to handle Raju just fine.

Parting Thoughts

Sara Khan is so pretty, like a delicate flower in soft pink.

I don’t like the subplot about Faryal’s mean sister-in-law. Unnecessary negativity. Why can’t we do away with stereotypical evil women? Why can’t all women have agency, like Falak, like Gaiti? Falak can take a stand for herself. Gaiti might have questionable morals, but she can also stand for herself. She isn’t stereotypical girl.

Ali Rehman is a fine actor. I haven’t seen him except in that movie Janaan. I was not impressed then. In this drama, however, we see his acting chops. We like.

Question: Why is everyone in this drama light-eyed? Shams, Hameed, Raju, that guy in Daniyal’s flashback… Even Gaiti wears lenses.

Shabana Mukhtar

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