Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 21

Let’s watch and review the twenty-first episode. I had a wedding to attend to, and I didn’t get time until now to watch and review the episode. See, I’m so committed to my blog. I’m up till the wee hours of the morning to bring you the review.

Laapata episode 21 written update

So, Shams is out to find Muneera. Muneera’s husband ties Shams to a chair, tapes his mouth, and takes Muneera away. Now, what will Shams do? He’s laapata again. 

Ayesha isn’t as helpless as Shams. She brings her trump card – calls Aurangzeb to the stand. I love this woman! She is feisty and determined. Sadly, the bravado doesn’t pay off. Aurangzeb doesn’t tell the truth on stand. Or, should we say that he tells partial truth. 

Now, Daniyal’s lawyer also embroils Shams into the whole situation. Ayesha is mighty pissed with this progress. She has lost all hopes, and she sort of knows that she will lose the case and Falak will be convicted.

Achha tell me. Why did Shams have a jail uniform and Falak doesn’t? Same goes for Mehreen. She is still wearing the same black outfit in which she was arrested. Falak toh changes every day. Achhi jail hai…

 For some comic relief, we see Sarmad Khoosat again. Gaiti gives an impressive audition, but she is still selected as heroine’s sister, the second lead. Really? Do you think that Gaiti will settle for the second lead?

“Tum mein aisa kya hai ki main tum se duur bhagta hoon?” Shams asks Gaiti.

A million dollar question, huh?

There is no hope to win Falak’s case, so, Shams plans to take the blame on his head.

Really? Is there no other way for justice. 

The episode ends as Muneera is brought to stand to be a witness against Falak

Parting Thoughts

Loved the Khabar-e-tahayyur-ishq rendition towards the end. I hated the ghazal when we had it in our syllabus, and now I love it.

I also loved that Ayeza didn’t shy away from showing her non-glamed, non-dolled-up version to us. It takes guts to see yourself in the mirror when you are crying. She is showing it to the world. Bravo girl!

Shabana Mukhtar

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