Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 6

Let’s watch and review the sixth episode.

Laapata episode 6 written update


Inspector is dead, and Shams is framed in a terrorism case. 


Ali Rehman’s performance in that small cell after he’s beaten is so good. The way he breaks down, you want to reach out and tell him that things are gonna be alright. 


We see a time jump of two years. I suppose many things have changed by now. What hasn’t changed is Gaiti. She still loves herself and only herself. 


Falak is pro at badminton now. She also has a job, and her boss Daniyal (Gohar Rasheed) is also there at the game to support her. Ahem! Love is in the air… 


But I like how Falak deals with Daniyal at work place. I also endorse her philosophy – workplace isn’t for making friends. 


Rukhsana has lost her mind ever since Shams is missing-Laapata, you know, an ode to the title. 


Gaiti’s flirting with her best friend Nasreen’s fiancé. She’s almost drooling over Farhan. I don’t know who played the role but he acts well for his part.

The episode ends as the two are out flirting and someone spots them together. I’m assuming that it’s someone related to Nasreen. 


The promo also hints that Shams might be coming back. 

Or will he always be Laapata?

Happy independence Day to all the Indians and to all the Pakistanis (belated).

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Could be, from his smile when Falak says it’s a harassment case

  2. I know, I don’t want to but then people expect me to watch and review 🙂 I probably would.

  3. liza says:

    and i think gohar’s character is going to be the other antagonist.. assuming from the promo.. what’d ya think?

  4. liza says:

    will you still be watching tho? haha the prev review said you won’t be continuing

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