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This drama has one of the best writing, and best lines. It was fun to watch this drama for its poetic dialogues.
Here are some of the best lines from all episodes of Parizaad.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4

“Your looks are your first introduction, the other is your words. You can better your second impression.” Nasaaz says to Parizaad.

Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8

“Main apni nazmein ek lafzon ke saudagar ke paas bech aaya.” Parizaad to Saeeda.

Episode 9


Episode 10


Episode 11


Episode 12


“Doosra mauqa dene ka qayal nahin hoon main. I don’t believe in giving second chances.” Behroz says to Laila.


“Sahilon se palatne mein itni der nahi karni chahiye. In sahilon mein bade toofan chhupe hote hain,” Behroz Kareem tells Parizaad.

Episode 13


Episode 14

“Main inko dikhana chahti hoon ki afsar sirf afsar hota hai, mard ya aurat nahin,” Badar Muneer says.

Episode 15


Episode 16


Episode 17

“Woh Sultan ibn-e Sultan thhe, main Ghulaam ibn-e Ghulaam.” Parizaad says.

Episode 18

Parizaad to Kamaali: Seth Rehman jaise saudagaron ki dalali karna choR do.


Parizaad to his brothers: Aap log meri fikr na karein. Mujhe kaRwai baaton ki aadat ho chuki hai.


Parizaad to Mashal’s mother: In takey-takey ke logo ke saamne apni beti ko ruswa ne karien.


Episode 19


Episode 20

“Phir mulaqat hogi,” Seth Shahbaz says.
“Intezaar rahega,” Parizaad replies.

Episode 21

Khud ko tarteeb diya aakhir az sar-e-nau
tera inkaar zindagi mein bahot kaam ayaa

Episode 22

“Mujh jaise logon ko dushmano ki zarurat nahi hoti,” Parizaad says.


“I won’t exploit your weak moments. Whatever I have, it is less than one teardrop of yours. I can write it to your name if you want. Don’t belittle yourself,” Parizaad tells Naheed.

Episode 23


Episode 24



Episode 25

Guru: Shahr ke saare geedar tere khilaf ikattha ho gaye hain.

Parizaad: Sarghana kaun hai?

Guru: Seth Shahbaz


“Agar apnon ko khone ki himmat nahin hai toh phir jang kyun chedte ho?” Parizaad asks Seth Shahbaz.

Episode 26

Tumhara dil bhi ab mere dil ki tarah jhoot bolne laga hai, Parizaad tells Nasaaz.

Nasaaz: mohabbat aur Jung mein sab jayez hai.
Parizaad: Yeh mohabbat hai, jung nahin
Nasaaz: Mohabbat se badi koi jung nahin. Jo raqeeb par rahem kare uski mohabbat mein khot hai.

Episode 27

This drama has one of the best writing, and best lines. It was fun to watch this drama for its poetic dialogues.
Shabana Mukhtar

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