Drama Review | Raqs-e-Bismil | Episode 3

A little recap  

So, Musa is following Zohra, the girl he fell in love with at first sight. He hasn’t even seen her face yet, except for her kohl-laced eyes. It’s her niqab and apparent haya that enticed Musa.

Raqs-e-Bismil episode 3 written update and review  

Musa is still following Zohra and seeking a reply for his proposal, to which she refuses. Musa wants a reason but she doesn’t give him one. Why would she? If any Tim, Dick or Harry proposes you on the streets, you wouldn’t entertain them. The way Musa walks away tickled me infinitely.  Imran Ashraf is so so talented, and his portrayal of thise extremist future gaddi-nasheen is just wow. I’m watching this drama primarily for imran, and I am glad that so far the drama hasn’t disappointed me.

Zohra doesnt ask Musa for his reasons to propose to her. I guess she doesn’t even care about reasons. Her background doesn’t allow her to be interested in men.

Peer Qudratullah is concerned that Musa isn’t around. When he does get hold of Musa, he admonishes his son for lack of interest in daily lectures.

“Your marriage to Sitara is suitable and also our need,” Peer Qudratullah says.

Hajra has done the offical rasam of Musa’s engagement to Sitara but Musa and Essa are still discussing Zohra, even though they don’t know their name.

Essa is still the best character. He cares about Khadija, he loves Sakina and he doesn’t lose his temper despite Sakina’s best attempt at instigating him. He’s the exact opposite of Musa in many ways. To make things interesting, Khadija overhears the conversation between Sakina and Essa. No mother would like it if her daughter is seeking a divorce, nor does Khadhia. Khadija later talks to Sakina, and admonishes her to being ungrateful. Javeria Abbasi suits the narrative. But since I have already watched Akhir Kab Tak, her portrayal of Khadija and Safiya feel the same to me, that of a helpless mother.

Namurad paan wala (Saleem Mairaj) finally talks to Musa. Musa doesn’t entertain the paan wala, but we know their paths would cross again and soon.

Musa is still chasing Zohra and wants to talk to her. She takes her to a restaurant where other college girls usually go for date. The date goes pretty well… Musa opens his heart to Zohra. Zohra still isn’t interested, but she gives him an address.

What to expect from episode 4  

It is evident that Zohra wants Musa to see the reality himself.  Musa find certainly find the truth about Zohra. The bigger question here is, would he be able to forget Zohra?

We will know in the next episode.

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