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Sang-e-Maah Episode 10 Written Update and Review

This episode begins with a very interesting, and might I add eye-opening conversation between Zarghoona and Shahji (supposedly Laspiran’s most religious man). Whatever Shahji had to say about forgiveness, and how hatred ruins one and her/his family and her/his lineage.
Harshali’s parents come to meet Zarghoona and request her to allow Mastan to marry. Seemingly impressed by Gul Meena and Shahji’s request to forgive and forget the past, Zarghoona frees Mastan Singh. Emotional scene it was!
“Seemingly” being the key here.

Zarghoona then goes and meets Zarsanga, and accepts Hikmat’s proposal for Gul Meena. Things seemingly get better between the two estranged sisters after years. “Seemingly” being the key here.

Haji is worried about Hikmat’s safety now, and orders Awwal Khan to arrange to his security. Awwal Khan then puts three men as Hikmat’s bodyguards. Even so, Hikmat meets his older brother Hilmand to “talk” abou things. Hilmand doesn’t meet him. So, Hikmat asks the elderly of Laspiran to talk to Hilmand. Hilmand doesn’t listen to them. He wants jirga at all cost.


After previous episode, I had thought that Hilmand has changed his mind about Gul Meena at least. I mean, sure, he wants revenge for his father’s killing, but Hikmat has nothing to do with that, right? Nor does Gul Meena. I guess we were all wrong.

As for Zarghoona, even though she seemed to have forgiven everyone, even though she is trying to mend her ways, something tells me that she has an ulterior motive in all of this. 

Or maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Whether Zarghoona is plotting something evil or not, we will know in the next episode, hopefully.


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