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Sang-e-Maah Episode 11 Written Update and Review

This episode is also filled with a flashback about Zarghoona and Zarsanga. This scenes shows us that 1. Awwal Khan is Zarghoona’s first husband. 2. Zarghoona hates Zarsanga because she suggested that Zarghoona should remarry Awwal Khan.
Hikmat Khan is now a changed man. He stops Marjaan when the father tries to slap the son. I had not seen this coming. Hikmat has always been the tame one. He even talks rudely to his mother. He wants only one thing–I will marry Gul Meena next Friday.
Shehrzade meets Zarghoona and then Sabz Ali’s mother. Zarghoona tells her that things would be alright, and Sabz Ali’s mother tells Shehrzade about old Zarghoona.
We see only a little bit of Mastan who goes to meet Harshali’s father. But that was only one scene, and nothing much happens in that scene. I wonder if Mastan Singh would marry Harshali even after being freed.
Hilmand finally learns that the three elderly man met him because Hikmat asked them to, and also that Hikmat stood up against Marjaan. Will this Hilmand change his heart now? I doubt so, but I’m curious about the next episode. Like eagerly waiting for the next one. 
This episode is full of awesome performances. Zaviyar as Hikmat and Hania as Amir shine in their scenes and warm our hearts. On the other hand, the flashback scenes shows us the legends that Sania Saeed and Samia Mumtaz are, and it breaks mt heart a little. It made me emotional.  Loved the episode.


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