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Sang-e-Maah Episode 14 Written Update and Review

Marjaan is back in Laspiran, and he finally learns that Zarsanga has started consuming opium. She is optimistic and hopeful that she will fix things between Hikmat and Hilmand. She doesn’t even know what has happened to Hilmand. Zargoona tells her, that it was Hikmat. I guess only three people know the truth–Badam Gul, Gul Meena and Mastan Singh. When would others learn that Hikmat is innocent?
Back in the hospital, Hilmand is still planning and plotting to win over Marjaan. I like his spirit. He is bedridden, but he is still hopeful to win.
This episode starts a whole new subplot. We have already been told they Sheherzade was harassed as a kid by her cousin Haidar. Guess who owns the hospital? Haidar, that’s who. We see a glimpse of the awful man that he is. That small scene alone creeps the hell out of me. What’s worse is that Sheherzade’s boss and her husband aren’t ready to help her. The conversation would just break your heart. As usual, it is always the girl who bears the brunt–she must have encouraged the guy, why didn’t she come out earlier, it is the girl’s fault, we should try to stay out of it.
Remember what I said about aqalmand dushman and bewaqoof dost, that repeats itself as Sabz Ali comes to the city for the sole purpose of informing the police. The police raids the hospital but doesn’t find Hilmand there. 
And then we see Hilmand and Sheherzade in a different place. Oh, the satisfaction of seeing that Sheherzade and the nurse have joined hands to escape felt so sooo good. These surprises are what make this drama one of the best dramas of 2022. I can’t wait for the next episode. 
Samiya Mumtaz, oh my goodness, she has performed so well in her scene with Zargoona. 


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