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Sang-e-Maah Episode 15 Written Update and Review

So, Sheherzade has taken Hilmand away with the help of the sister, and now Haider is taking a class of all the employees. A patient has escaped without payment, and his victim Sheherzade has escaped, too. It’s evident that he would be upset.
The sister is Christian and this makes Awwal Khan upset. He is reluctant to eat or drink anything there. I like how the pseudo musalmanism. Us muslims wouldn’t pray but we would always being up faith and kufr every chance we get. Awwal Khan gets his leg broken and sister tends to his injury making him rethink of his prejudice against Christians. He eventually calls sister his own sister. Sister and Awwal Khan have their own story of sorts. That was interesting. 
Pathan aur inteqaam judwa bhai hain. Awwal Khan says.
Hilmand and Sheherzade talk. Hilmand isn’t unaware of Sheherzade’s predicaments or her past. 
“Hum dono daghdar hain aur halaat ne hum bhatakti roohon ko mila diya hai,” Hilmand says.
And then he puts a ring on Sheherzade’s finger. 
Wow! Are they engaged now? That whole scene just pulled me into that scene. So so well done.
Badam Gul and Mastan Singh get to talking about the unfortunate event that had happened on a dark night. Mastan Singh is suspicious that Badam Gul might side with his community eventually. Their bromance makes me envious. Aise dost kahan milte hain aaj kal?

Hilmand thinks that it was Haji Marjaan to attack him, while everyone else thinks it’s Hikmat. I wonder when this confusion will be over.


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