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Sang-e-Maah Episode 16 Written Update and Review

First of all, apologies for a late review. This one was heavy on my emotional self, and it took me a while to process it and write the review. That, and the fact that I was being lazy.

Hikmat is in a dilemma

Marjaan, and everyone else, still think that it is Hikmat who attacked Hilmand. Hikmat, my poor Hikmat, is trying his best to defend himself. He repeatedly announces his innocence, but I notice his words.

“Maine Hilmand pe hamla nahin kiya,” Hikmat says.

So now he is Hilmand, not lala. Something has changed after all, even though he isn’t the one to attack Hilmand.

Neither Zarsanga nor Marjaan believe Hikmat. They have a strong reason to not do so. Hikmat has one stood in front of his father, looked him eye to eye, and held Marjaan’s hand to stop the slap coming his way. These are signs of a rebel, and it might just be possible for him to attack his own brother. It isn’t true, but it is a possibility.

Jirga folks force Marjaan to call for a jirga for Hilmand’s ghag

So, all the elderly folks are now sick and tired of Sabz Ali’s mother’s taunts. They have decided to call for a jirga. Yep, they have decided. They are not asking for Marjaan’s opinion, they are informing him.

“Kawwe to kawwe ab chidiya bhi sar pe marne lagi hain,” an irritated Marjaan says.

By the way, Sabz Ali’s mother wouldn’t let anyone live peacefully. She’s like I will cry until they give a decision in my favour.

Hilmand’s friends discuss his rightful successor

Hilmand’s friends are in the qabrastan as usual, high as usual, and one of them starts talking like Hilmand. This sparks a debate. Who should be Hilmand’s sucessor?

Everyone claims to be the perfect candidate, and their conversation is inherently funny. Sabz Ali’s mother interrupts the talk. She talks to Hilmand’s friends and tells them to find Sabz Ali who has been missing for the past three days. Told ya, she wouldn’t let anyone live peacefully until justice is served, until justice is served per her liking.

Marjaan meets Imam Sahib

“Is Hilmand right in claiming that you killed his father?”

Imam Saheb doesn’t want to know the answer, but he does ask the question, twice. This conversation breaks Marjaan eventually, something that Hilmands repeat accusation failed to do. He bows his head and weeps helplessly. And in that state he calls for iqamat. He can’t even finish iqamat, and Imam Saheb says Takbeer-e-tehreema: Allahu Akbar. 

Noman Ejaz, oh my goodness. His performance will bring you to tears for sure. He isn’t a legend for no reason. It was so so good.

This was one of the most moving scenes of Sang-e-Maah so far. I like that all the main players of this story have a strong connection with Shah Saheb. Zargoona, Hilmand and now Marjaan, they all came to Shah Saheb to seek his advice. In Marjaan’s case, there was no advice but the scene did bring some closure to Marjaan. This is only the second time that he has admitted of doing the gunah-e-kabeera of killing a man.

Zarsanga meets Hilmand

Marjaan tells Sheherzade that Hilmand has not seen his mothers in years. So, I was naturally looking forward to seeing them meet. But what was I thinking? When Zargoona arrives, Hilmand pretends to be asleep, and Sheherzade lies that he stays under the effect of medication and won’t wake up for 10-12 hours. Tch, poor Zargoona. His son hates her for apparent fault of hers. I mean, remarrying isn’t a crime nor a sin, right?

Zargoona weeps and so do I. What an emotional scene it was. Samiya Mumtaz has nailed this scene. She is so good. I have never seen her not act well, you know.

Marjaan knows about Haidar

While Zarsanga is trying to talk to sleeping Hilmand, Marjaan sits with Sheherzade. Even though he wasn’t there when they escaped the hospital, Awwal Khan has told him everything. It isn’t hard to put two and two together.  And he clearly knows about Haidar. And he wants to stay in the city to sort it out. This is so touching. Sheherzade is a nobody to them, right? When they first met, he was reluctant to even talk to her. And now, he is ready to take a panga with Dr Haidar for Sheherzade. And he doesn’t even know  that Sheherzade will be his bahu 🙂

He asks Zarsanga to leave, but she asks why he wants to stay back.

“Hajj aur Umrah ki maloomat karni hain. Hajj aur Umrah se hi hamari museebat khatm hogi,” Marjaan says.

He is so funny. I laughed out loud 

He is being sarcastic of course, but it wouldn’t hurt to try that option, haha.


The dialogues of this drama has inherent humour and sarcasm. Whether it’s Marjaan’s conversation with other elderly folks or Hilmand’s friends talking about carrying Hilmand’s mission forward in his absence or Marjaan comments about Hajj and Umrah, I couldn’t stop smiling.

To my surprise, this episode didn’t show Gul Meena’s side of the story. I would have liked to see Mastan Singh. Will he admit to his sin this time? 


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