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Sang-e-Maah Episode 17 Written Update and Review



Marjaan meets Dr Haidar’s wife, because Haidar is out of house. He tells her about Dr Haidar and what he has done to Sheherzade. It was a beautifully written scene and I loved it.

This scene was so powerful, so powerful, and it shows what a legend Noman Ejaz. Right from the time he gets down from the car to how he talks with Mrs Dr Haidar, every frame gave me freaking goosebumps. His body language is that of a Pushto old man, and I loved his walk. He isn’t Noman Ejaz, he is Haji Marjaan, truly and completely.

As usual, this episode was filled with one powerful scene after the other. The next scene is between the two sisters. One thing leads to another, and they both say what the whole Laspiran think of the whole situation: that it’s all Hikmat’s doing. Hikmat hears this, and he takes a qasam. Now, do Zarsanga and Zargoona believe her? At least Zargoona does, because she knows how Mastan had stabbed Asadullah. Zarsanga has described Hilmand’s wounds. The truth will come out, and soon.

Awwal Khan takes Sheherzade to Dr Haidar’s house. When Hilmand hears this from Martha, he pretends to be alright just so Martha would leave him alone. I think he will also go to Dr Haidar’s house.

This was another episode with power-packed performances. From Hania to Samia to Sania, from Noman to Atif to Kubra Khan… The only poor performance was Mrs Haidar. But Kubra Khan steals the show with her teary-eyed yet fiery performance. She looks pretty and determined and so vulnerable.

“Tumhara ehsaan hoga agar mere zehn se woh tapti dopaher nikal do.” Sheherzade tells Mrs Haidar



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