Drama Review | Sang-e-Maah | Episode 3

I have said this before and I say this again–this drama is so well written. The dialogues are so poetic at times that I want to jot down all of them.

“Main tumhari tarah ayyash aurat nahin hoon,” Zargoona says. “Jawan beti ke saamne maa ka mazaq udate tumhein zara haya nahin aayi?”
“Badi behen ko ayyash kehte tumein tumhein haya nahin aayi?” Zarsanga says.

Zargoona is too adamant and rude, or so it seems. It seems that her whole purpose to get Zarsanga to her home was to insult her. And despite the insult thrown at her, Zarsanga handles her well. This whole drama is about people who are well-versed in turki-ba-turki. Be it Zargoona and Zarsanga or Hilmand and Marjaan; the wordplay doesn’t stop.

I also loved Hilmand’s monologue about shikast aur fateh.

“Kaun jeetega?” Gulmeena asks.
“Wahi jis ki zidd bari hogi,” Mastan Singh says.

“Aansu jangli bhains ki tarah hote hain, khud bakhud nikal aate hain,” Marjaan says.

“Jis tarah ek myan mein do talwar nahin ho sakte, waise ek ghar mein do ainak nahin ho sakte,” Gulmeena says.

This episode reveals a little bit about everyone-that Hilmand is Marjaan’s stepson, that Zarsanga was earlier married to someone named Nasrullah, that Marjaan is Zarsanga’s second husband, that Hilmand spends his day at his father’s grave talking to himself, and that Nasrullah Khan was killed.


We see a little bit of Sheherzaad as she is interviewing peopele about ghaq. Someone has directed her to Laspiran. Would she run into Hilmand in next episode.


It’s time to speculate a little bit.

  1. Mastan Singh is repenting something, and he might like Zargoona.
  2. Guru Baksh knows something about Hilmand’s father’s death.
  3. Hilmand hates Marjaan for killing Nasrullah.


Zaviyar Noman Ejaz acts well in that scene when Hikmat confronts Zarsanga. I mention him especially, because he is new. Others are veterans – from Omair Rana to Hassan Noman to Noman Ejaz, from Samia Mumtaz to Sania Saeed, they are all so established in their craft. We can’t even see expect them to falter.

Hania has also acted well, especially when you compare her performance to that of Haala in Mere Humsafar.

Aur rahi baat Atif ki, to he is holding his ground with these veterans. I think the drama should credit two characters to Atif-Hilmand, and Hilmand’s voice! 

Speaking of his magical voice, did anyone watch Sajan Das Na featuring Atif Aslam and Momina Mustehsan? I think it’s high time Momina makes her acting debut. Daniyal Zafar, Asim Azhar, Omair Jaswal, Ozair Jaswal, all have done their acting bits.


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Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. I review them so others wouldn’t have to watch them 😉 😉

  2. Liza says:

    Yeah I understand. Honestly don’t review every single thing…. Like shit shows (amanat, mere hum safar, AMEK, dil e momin) just review after everything ends. Those that are worth watching, you should review.

    Yeh raha dil I don’t know, they were young but Ahmed has got such a swag in this. for yumna I feel first few eps she was forcing out her emotions but after sometime you get used to it. Woh bhi bacchi thi, but really you should watch this.. don’t need to review hahaha.. there is DNUTN, raqeeb se, I also finished watching yakeen ka safar and what a show !! O rangreza too, you missed so soooo many good shows worth your soul and mind !!

    Don’t stress yourself out to review them 🙂

  3. I watched the first episode, then stopped thinking that I better take notes for review but then it seemed tedious
    .it’s so easy to just watch by my need to review every damn thing I watch leaves me often perplexed. Two days ago I watched all episodes of Dil e Janam being a fan of Zahid Ahmad’s voice. And ever since then I’m thinking when would I get time to review it. I will watch yeh raha dil – two powerhouse performers… But both Yumna and Ahmed seemed a bit naive at the time. Don’t you think?

  4. liza says:

    hiii !!! just wanted to ask.. have you seen yeh raha dil? starring yumna zaidi and ahmed ali akbar? yooo it’s too good yaar omg its so funny !! its a rom com and omg i loveee it and i love yumna and ahmed as a couple and i hope they get married irl too oof its so cute !!

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