Drama Review | Sang-e-Maah | Episode 5


Hilmand is celebrating his victory. He is so crazy in his thirst for revenge against Marjaan. So is Zargoona. Both have forgotten the difference between fair in and unfair for revenge. The best scene of this episode is the confrontation between two brothers Hikmat and Hilmand. Hilmand doesn’t trust Hikmat but he does get suspicious about it. 
“Jitne munh, utne jhoot,” Baadam Gul says.
What a line! Badam is the funniest character in this series. 
Sheherzade doesn’t go back home despite Marjaan’s best attempts. She tries to talk to Gul Meena and Zargoona but they are reluctant to utter a single word. Marjaan then talks to Sheherzade. These two scenes tell us so much about pashtoon people, their traditions, and their culture from such close quarters. I have never seen a drama with pashtoon background before and that adds to the charm of this beautifully shot and brilliantly written drama.
Sheherzade is then invited to live with Haji. She talks to Zarsanga, and learns about the animosity between Hilmand and Marjaan. Talking to future bahu, ahem!
Mastan Singh recalls his promises to Gul Meena. It’s time for revenge. He takes his knife and heads to confront Hilmand.
I stand corrected. The best scene is Sabz Ali’s conversation with another guy
 So so funny comment about tableegh.
“Accha, to Hikmat Gul Meena se milne jata hai?” Sabz Ali asks.
“Nahin, tableegh ke liye. Duniya ki baatein to hoti rahengi.” His friend says.
Long story short, now Sabz Ali knows that Hikmat’s love for Gul Meena. Would he tell Hilmand? Would Hilmand change his stance?


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Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. Ooh, we have some overlaps. I will share my ratings for some, when I get to my laptop. Impressive list btw 🙂

  2. Liza says:

    Imma just share my list, like it’s long

    1. meri zaat zara e benishan
    2. zindagi gulzar hai (8/10)
    3. humsafar (8.5/10)
    4. khuda aur muhabbat
    5. pyaray afzal (9/10)
    6. sang-e-mar mar
    7. udaari
    8. Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai
    9. Ishq Zahe Naseeb (7/10)
    10. dastaan
    11. daam
    12. deewangi (7/10)
    13. alif (100/10)
    14. alif allah aur insaan
    15. ehd e wafa (8.5/10)
    16. ishqiya (6/10)
    17. mere pass tum ho (8/10)
    18. suno chanda (10/10)
    19. kankar
    20. jackson heights
    21. ruswai
    22. dunk (7.5/10)
    23. romeo weds heer (7.5/10)
    24. khaani (8/10)
    25. ranjha ranjha kardi •
    26. meherposh (7/10)
    27. chupke chupke (8.5/10)
    28. yeh dil mera (8/10)
    29. yakeen ka safar (9/10)
    30. mushk
    31. raqs e bismil (8.5/10)
    32. raqeeb se (9/10)
    33. sadqay tumhare (7/10)
    34. prem gali
    35. qayamat
    36. fitoor •
    37. jab we wed
    38. mera rab waris
    39. haara dil
    40. pyar ke sadqay (8.5/10)
    41. yaariyan
    42. phaans
    43. pehli si mohabbat
    44. shehnai (6/10)
    45. ghisi pitti mohabbat
    46. anaa
    47. do bol (10/10)
    48. yaar na bichray (6/10)
    49. raaz-e-ulfat
    50. thays
    51. ghalati
    52. Yun Tu Hai Pyar Bohut
    53. dhoop ki deewar •
    54. khamoshi
    55. koi chand rakh
    56. tum kon piya
    57. mohabbat tum se nafrat hai
    58. malaal e yaar (6.5/10)
    59. churails (9/10)
    60. o rangreza (9.5/10)
    61. ishq jalebi (9.5/10)
    62. deewar e shab
    63. qurban (7/10)
    64. cheekh (8/10)
    65. ek jhooti love story (8/10)
    66. parizaad (1000/10)
    67. laapata (7/10)
    68. hum kahan ke sachey they (7/10)
    69. dumpukht aatish e ishq
    70. balaa •
    71. dil na umeed toh nahi (10/10)
    72. tou dil ka kya hua
    73. mann mayal
    74. digest writer
    75. Baaghi
    76. aakhir kab tak (8.5/10)
    77. maryam periera
    78. ishq hai (4/10)
    79. ishq e laa •
    80. dobaara •
    81. sabaat (7/10)
    82. kashf
    83. Sang e mah •
    84. Aye musht e khaak •
    85. Jo bichar Gaye •
    86. Sinf e aahan •
    87. Pardes (5.5/10)
    88. Yeh Radha dil (7/10)
    89. Shehnaz

    Those I rated are the ones I’ve finished

  3. I don’t have 60 in my list, more like 5, three of them i started but going over the list slow and unsteady 😉 Turkish always comes later because I know Pak dramas will end, Turkish, not so much, haha

  4. Yeah, that’s why I have left five dramas in between. The story just does not end. I’m like ab bas. I love the rom-com they make but 56 episodes of 2+ hours each is wayyyyy too much

  5. liza says:

    also not really a fan of long episodes.. i would rather a crisp story

  6. liza says:

    also another thing that came to my mind, my sister told me that kdramas are often dramatic/melodramatic. that way i find our dramas way better because i dont think our dramas are overtly dramatic. dramatisation yes, like playing with sound. but actors are not OTT and are so talented mashallah and mashallah they have both the looks and talent as well. but usually, the latter always win.

    also squid game got so much hype which i didnt even understand. LOL hollywood made the exact same plot or similar plot with like the hunger games and maze runner. it’s just an asian spinoff, totally didnt understand the hype.

    and yeah alot of love triangles which puts me off too.. thank god not many pak dramas have that… usually saas bahu ones do ahaha but i aint watching those..

    ahhh i havent started on turkish but one of my friends say its good and the romance is sizzling. and you know im a deep sucker for romance. just not korean romance LOL the bias

    because right now i have over 60 pak dramas i need to keep up with, i have a list.. i ticked off 10-15 last year and 3 this year already.. i like doing things one at a time so once i feel my list then i’ll start on turkish.. maybe end of this year or next year. ahh i HAVE to start on turkish, inshallah

  7. Liz, my dear, you are like my soul twin. You and I have almost the same opinion about K-dramas.
    I have watched only one Korean Drama in my life and even though I didn’t hate it, I didn’t like it either.
    But I do watch some remixes that sort of summarize K-dramas and I never feel intrigued to watch them. The actors, the background, the setting, the plot, all look the same to me. Most of them have love-triangles (the clips I watch, they are, anyway) and I am not a big fan of triangles…

    Even Pakistani dramas are being recycled these days, but at least the culture provides a plethora of options to plot with.

    all in all, K-dramas are not for me.

    Now, a question for you: where do you stand on turkish ones? They are so effing long, but the way they show their romances is just wow…

  8. liza says:

    hi there! another topic of conversation i wanted to discuss. what is your opinion on kdramas? are do you think they are good?
    are they better than pak dramas? which do you prefer.

    if you ask me, honestly, i do not like anything korean. that bloody thing is too ver hyped. and plus, i dont get why people say that korean guys are good looking? they just look like a walking fairness advert. plus, i know this is a derogatory term but they look so so plastic. no offense and not trying to be racist. but it’s true! maybe their beauty standards are not for me.

    i very much prefer our desi people, like we are so unique and honestly i feel like koreans just look monotonous… almost everyone has the same face shape and features and meh so boring. ahaha now im just being so mean to them. again no offense to them.

    i am not interested in watching k dramas because i feel that most of their stories are just hollywood spin offs.. plots are regurgitated and repetitive. not saying pak dramas arent. but pakistan is a conservative society so they have alot of plot points to play with. and the language is just soooo beautiful..

    honestly korean to me sounds off putting even kpop. urgh. and pakistan has so much culture and its so nice to watch on screen. while kdramas usually have the same back drop and aesthetic. so blegh..

    okay yeah… recently my circle of friends (indians) have started watching kdramas and i feel like i dont know them anymore.. ahaha they just became part of the masses.. afsos… i tried making them watch pak dramas but they just wouldnt listen and i just want to fangirl w someone and no one watches them and its so sad…

    right now you’re my only friend who i can fangirl my dramas with :””)

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