Drama Review | Sinf e Aahan | Episode 2

Why is Sinf e Aahan one of the most awaited dramas? Well, I can’t say about others, but I have my reasons.

A little recap

In the first episode of Sinf-e-Aahan. we met the lead characters, and how all of them are applying to ISSB for various reasons. The episode ended as Rabeya screamed while talking to Daniyal.

Sinf-e-Aahan episode 2 written update and review

1 Rabia Safeer

Daniyal is misguided by Rabeya’s screams fearing that someone has attacked. He gathers many neighbours before entering the house only to find out that the while ruckus was for a rat.

Daniyal is a supportive and loving elder brother who convinces his parents to let Rabeya appear for the entrance test. I know… Why should Rabeya need this convincing? Because asian parents are like that. You can’t change them. Not everyone is as supportive as Jamal, Periwesh’s father. We will get to that later.

Usman Mukhtar is brilliant as ever. Can you imagine how much he has transformed in the past few years? From the lanky guy in Janaan to the healthy-healthy-healthy guy (remember Joey?) in Sabaat, and now this.

2 Mahjabeen Mastan

Mahjabeen’s mother and father are still not convinced of her decision, but Mr Mastan does support Mahjabeen, as in, he wants to let Mahjabeen experience this.

Mahjabeen also submits the ISSB forms. She tried to cut the queue to submit it. That shows us that she might seek preference in future. I love that she carries a handheld fan. Bahen, kaise rahogi army mein?

3 Periwesh Jamal

Periwesh is the only one who has a supportive family. Her father, Jamal is determined to send Periwesh to army. He gives her hard-earned money to Periwesh even though he has been saving it to free his lands. Tears, stinging… Uff…

4 Shaista Khanzaada

Shaista and her sister bring the much needed comic relief in this drama. Shaista is initially worried about her entrance test as her father sends Wali Mohammad along with her. The whole scene with Wali Mohammad, Shaista and her sister is so funny. Why am I forgetting her name? What character does Meerub Ali play?

Wali Mohammad passed the test, so does Shaista. I loved the subdued happy reaction of Shaista. Yumna’s smile is so pretty.

Kamil, Shaista’s fiance takes her to issb center. Handsome fiance, I must say. And since he has agreed to help Shaista, I’m hoping that he doesn’t mind Shaista’s ambitions to join the army. That makes it two. Not that Shaista would have listened to him if he did not approve, but it feels good to see supportive family / future family.

5. Arzoo Daniel

We learn more about Arzoo and her family. Daniel is a school teacher, and they barely make the ends meet. Arzoo’s love story is more complex than just having an obnoxious boyfriend. Naurez’s family is seeking another girl Iris, and supposedly discussing Naurez’s proposal for the same.

Arzoo’s mother asks Aarzoo to still be nice to Naurez. Arzoo clearly doesn’t like chasing Naurez but her mother Agnus insists that Naurez would change their lives.It shows us that in a little christian community, everyone is seeking Naurez for his government job all hoping for a better future for them – girls for themselves and parents for their daughters. This is a harsh reality of life even for us. I have seen girls’ and their parents doing everything possible to lure a good guy. Tch, such is life.

So, despite hating the current circumstances, Arzoo talks to Naurez, and also brings up Iris’s topic. Naurez is already shown to be a man who doesn’t mince his words.  One thing leads to another, and and things come down to their class difference. Naurez also reminds Arzoo that she approached him of his job and his salary. Ouch, that hurt. But Arzoo still sends him a picture.

I don’t understand Arzoo. She did not react when boys teased her. She doesn’t love Naurez anymore but still talks to him hoping for the best. Naurez reminds him of things that make her uncomfortable, and yet she humours him. I’m guessing her character will be one who can control her angst no matter what. I would like to see my prediction come true.

At the same time, I’m hoping that  Arzoo will be rid of this cheapskate Naurez soon.


This review was long overdue. I misplaced my notes, and did not have time to look for them until today. In two days, the next episode will be live.

First of all, I must praise Usman Mukhtar. What an actor! I mean… all the girls have done their job well, but Usman shines in his few scenes. Usman Peerzada and Saba Hameed do a fine job as well, but we have seen them both portraying similar job many a times.

I simply love the background score. Asim’s voice fits the ISPR narrative, I would say. Whether it was Mere Yaara Teri Yaariyaan in Ehd-e-Wafa, or Chalein Uss Baadal Peh in Sinf-e-Aahan,  his voice hits us hard. Apt choice for this OST.

I also loved how all five girls spent sleepless nights before the D day.

What do others feel about this episode?

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