Drama Review | Sinf e Aahan | Episode 4

Sinf e Aahan is my most awaited drama. Tonight, I showed it to my mom, and she loved it.

“This one is good,” she said. “Show me the next episode without fail.”

Sinf-e-Aahan episode 4 written update and review

The first half of the episode just flies by as we see all the candidates struggling to complete their tasks. Rabia has height phobia and she does all the tasks despite her phobia, despite the fact that mahjabeen is rooting for rabia’s failure.
Only Arzoo is unscathed. She is the fittest of them all.
The second half of the episode is their personal interviews. Education, native place, hobbies, role model, fear, why should we select you? What will you do if not selected? The interview gives us an insight into the ISSB selection process as well as the candidates. I liked how efficiently it is done.
For more details and their entertaining and aspiring answers, watch the episode. Most of them are masters, impressive.
Towards the end Musa, Shaista’s father and everyone in the family knows that Shaista isn’t home. Musa threatens to kill Shaista and Kamil both. Musa arrives at Gujranwala and calls Kamil, then Gul calls to inform that Musa is there to kill them both. This whole subplot added to the comedy and drama of this drama.
The third half if I may, is about meeting their families after selection. Most of the families are ecstatic to see their daughters back while Mahjabeen’s parents are still fighting. Tch… Such is life…


This episode had its fair share of comic moments., like many, as all of the candidates struggled with their tasks. I didn’t even realize when the episode began or ended. My only grouse was the loud background score. The tasks were interesting enough. Itna loud music thha, unnecessarily shooting my bloodpressure instead of making me feel energetic or enthusiastic.

After their commandar task, I was waiting for the results. I have been watching Roadies for almost two weeks now. After the task was done, I waited for Ranvijay to come and announce the timings and the winner group. From the looks of it, Mahjabeen’s group performed better.

Whoever is playing the officers, I think they are from ISPR. They are having fun throughout the tasks. I enjoyed their expressions.

I also liked Kamil. He’s a very supportive fiance, and might I add, very handsome.

What do others feel about this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar

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