Drama Review | Tootay Huway Parr

I watched Tootay Huway Parr on Zindagi channel on my brand new TV. Those were such good times. Ah, nostalgia.

Tootay Huway Parr is a 2011 drama that aired on Geo Entertainment. Tootay Huway Parr is a story about two sisters with different wants and how their lives take a turn after marriage.


Ayeza Khan as Ajiya

The protagonist

Anoushay Abbasi as Nimra

Ajiya’s younger sister. 

Seema Seher as Zainab

Ajiya’s and Nimra’s Mother

Khalid Zafar as Sibghatullah

Ajiya & Nimra’s Father

Qaiser Naqvi as Dadi

Ajiya and Nimra’s grandmother; Sibghatullah’s mother

Mohib Mirza as Sameer

Ajiya & Nimra’s Cousin, crushes on Ajiya

Sami Khan as Zayeem

Ajiya & Nimra’s Cousin, crushes on Ajiya

Hassan Ahmed as Aun/Junaid

Sajid Hussain Shah as Sadakat

Sibghatullah’s younger brother, Ajiya and Nimra’s chacha

Nausheen Ibrahim as Farhat

Sameer’s Sister

Akhtar Hasnain

Ajiya’s brother

Ayesha Gul as Saima

Ajiya and Nimra’s sister-in-law

Esha Noor as Farzana


Tootay Huway Parr is a heart-breaking story of two sisters Ajiya and Nimra  who belong to a simple middle-class family. Daughters of  hard working, lower-middle class Sibghatullah and his wife Zainab, they have dreams and aspirations.

Sibghatullah is a man of immense dignity and integrity. He strives to provide for his big family within his modest and halal means.

However, as the story unfolds we see Ajiya and Nimra take two very different paths in life.

Ajiya is shown to be a materialistic girl-all she wants is money and riches. Even though she likes Zaeem, she decides to marry Sameer.

Nimra, on the other hand, gives priority to hier parents’ wants even if it comes at the expense of her own happiness. Safeguarding her parents’ integrity is of utmost importance to her.

Nimra is married to Zaeem, and Ajiya marries Sameer. Despite being jealous of Sameer, Zaeem plans for a joint honeymoon. That is creepy in the first place, and the way Zaeem acts, argh… awful, plain awful. In recent times, Ishqiya had the same story line. Hamza and Rumi, Hamna and Azeem go for their honeymoon together. Yuck!

 So, Sameer goes missing. Ajiya goes through some shit, and then Sameer comes back and doubts if Ajiya was loyal to him when he was gone. Drama happens and then drama ends.


This drama has one the most twisted story lines ever.

This was one of the first few dramas that I watched on Zindagi channel. This was the first drama of Ayeza Khan, and Sami Khan. Even then, back in 2015, I felt that Sami Khan always chooses roles of one-tone men–bas mujhe yeh chahiye to chahiye.

Ayeza and Anoushay looked so different back then. I remember I would tell my sister that I like Nimra better than Ajiya, that I like Anoushay better than Ayeza. It was so refreshing to see them together again in Mere Paas Tum Ho.

Reliving past, I am.

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Shabana Mukhtar

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