Lux Style Awards 2021 | Predicting Winners | Best Female Actor Viewer’s Choice


So, the LSA Nominations are out. I love these award shows. It provides for some entertainment, and I get to predict who should win. My opinion doesn’t matter, but hey, it’s a fun game I play with myself.

Let’s discuss Best Female Actor Viewer’s Choice. This year’s nominations are:

Best Female Actor Viewer’s Choice Nominations

Ayeza Khan for Meherposh

Hiba Bukhari

Mawra Hocane for Sabaat

Saboor Ali for Fitrat

Sajal Ali for Alif

Yumna Zaidi For Pyar Ke Sadqay

Yumna Zaidi For Raaz-e-Ulfat

Short List

Looking at the nominations, there are three performances that left a impact on me as a viewer. Two of them are strong, confident women who know what they want from life, but they don’t resort to cheap tactics, ever.

Momina Sultan and Anaya are both so level-headed. They never raise their voice, never lose their calm. They are always calculated and composed. I love them both. Mawra and Sajal both became the character that they were playing.

And then there is Mahjabeen, a naive and sweet girl who is…well… a bit too naive. But she is confident as hell. She never hesitates from speaking her mind even when her mother wants her to be quiet. She was fun and adorable. Yumna Zaidi’s expressions would tickle you and would also make you cry. She was excellenet as Mahjabeen.

And the winner is (my prediction)

Sajal Ali in Alif.


She was phenomenal. The character of Momina Sultan had so many layers. Sajal has aced the character. Besides, Alif the drama itself was a phenomenon.

Do you agree with my predictions? Which one is your favourite performance? Let me know in the comments below. I will see you in the next post.

Shabana Mukhtar

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