Qarar | Episode 15 | Maya and Junaid Get Married

Siraj is hospitalized for mild spike in blood pressure. Nadira grabs this occasion as an opportunity to pressurize Fareeha for Maya’s proposal. Nadira’s temporary good-natured behaviour towards Fareeha was only a facade. 

Long story short, Junaid has agreed to marry Maya, and everybody seems happy, except Rana, who is the only person who knows what evil Maya is.

 Maya shows her true colours the moment she steps in the house. After marriage, she wears the black tunic and red shirt; the one we see in the poster. Fareeha, being the good Samaritan, tries to forget the insult, asks Maya to dress appropriately and  is still nice to Maya. Poor Fareeha! If it was not evident, Maya snaps at Fareeha thrice at the breakfast table. 

Junaid and Nano also realize the strain between Fareeha and Maya. 

Maya taunts Fareeha that Ammar does nothing for the business. Fareeha cannot say this straight to Ammar, so she asks him to get a job instead. Obviously, it irks Ammar.

Maya looks like a doll, a doll you would want to smash against the floor until it breaks down.

Meekal is only an extended cameo, it seems. His only job is to appear in a couple of scene and praise Fareeha. He still looks handsome. Sanam Jung is perfect as the evil Maya. Muneed Butt and Rabab Hashim generally have the same expression throughout the episode, so nothing new to add there. 

Not waiting for the next episode, let me tell you that. 

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Shabana Mukhtar

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