Qarar | Episode 27 | Finale, finally!!

This drama has finally reached its end. This is the last episode of the super boring drama Qarar.

Ammar has kicked out Fareeha from his house. Their relationship did not have a solid base anyway.

Behte paani pe makaaN ho toh aisa hi hota hai…

Maya is now at Salman’s house, looking around at things. She has illusions of a crying child. Does she regret what she has done? No.

Not at all.

Instead, she still plots against Fareeha. Maya wants her parents to know through Fareeha that she is with Salman now. What a manipulative woman!

Now comes the ultimate twist: Zebunnisa isn’t dead. She was in Canada for the past eight months.

Zebunnisa treats Maya the way Maya should be treated, and she kicks Maya out of her house. On the way back, Maya sees Junaid who hands over the divorce papers to Maya.

Well… Well… Well… This is what she deserved. What I hate more is the Fareeha track. It is simply unbelievable.

Junaid forces Ammar to bring Fareeha home, and Ammar follows Junaid’s order. Couldn’t he see for himself that Fareeha is the best thing that could happen to him? He then confesses his undying love for Fareeha. Where was that love when he kicked Fareeha out? Of course, Fareeha forgives him because her entire being is to forgive.

The episode ends as Maya enviously watches Fareeha and Ammar.

I like the last scene with Maya and Junaid when Maya begs Junaid for forgiveness.  Sanam has acted well. In fact, it is only Sanam and Waseem Abbas who have acted well. Rest were a bit on the dramatic side.

Thankfully, this drama is over now. No more sad dramas for me now.

Until next review, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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