Shehnai | Episode 23

Written update and review and rant and whatever


Saiqa talks to Bakht, and tells her to correct her ways because she knows the truth. Of course, Bakht is too arrogant to listen to any reason even if it comes from her loving family.

Munni is so smitten by Hunain’s father that she asks Bakht about him. I don’t understand how they will wrap up this mess of a drama.

Kifayat is changed for good, thank goodness. I hope he helps Meerab now. Very nice acting by Saleem Mairaj. 


Meerab is so sweet. He cajoles Kifayat that it isn’t her doing.

He is so freaking handsome in the burglary scene.

After the bandits leave, nobody even asks for Meerab because Hunain is there to be a pseudo hero. That look on his face when he comes downstairs… Priceless! These little expressions on Affan’s face are so amazing. Without showing much he can communicate so much.

This episode dragged as usual and the plot doesn’t progress at all. Kaisi shadi hai jo ho ke hi nahin de rahi?

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