Top 10 | Ten unique things that no other Pakistani drama has ever shown

When it comes to stprytelling, they say that nothing is new under the sun. There is nothing that hasn’t been tried before. Techniques, twists, plots, subplots, conflicts, resolutions… we have seen it all. And yet, it is the treatment of those little things and attention to tiniest details that make a story more compelling.
In my 7 years of watching Pakistani content, there are many things that I watch and go: hey, that’s a first. Some of these moments make me feel surreal, a feeling that I can’t describe. Some of these scenes just impresses me to a different level because of their novelty and uniqueness. And, some of these moments give you goosebumps. Here is a list of many firsts that make some of most  beautiful moments on screen. A lists of firsts that has never been attempted before on the screen.

1. Shanaya reciting quran with translation

We have seen plenty of Quran recitation scenes, but rarely do we see the main character doing translation. In episode 1 the opening shot, and in episode 7, Shanaya is reciting quran with translation. These scenes subtly give us a message – it isn’t enough to recite quran. We must understand what quran is telling us. Loved the scene.

2. Falak repeatedly reciting Inna-Lillahi in Laapata

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.

We belong to God and to Him we shall return

We read this ayah when someone passes away, when we are grieving, upon hearing bad news that has fallen upon themselves or another. Reading this ayah is both as sign of patience and an acknowledgement that Allah is the Almighty, and He will not test his worshippers more than they can bear.

Falak read Inna-lillah in Laapata when someone named Shams was found dead. The way it was picturized was so fantastic. Falak is seen walking through the corridors of the hospital as she repeatedly recites inna lillahi.

To show this as part of a drama is simply a stroke of brilliance, especially the way Laapata did it.

3. Ayat-al-Kursi in Ehd-e-Wafa

Alizeh Shah recited Ayat-ul-Kursi in Ehd-e-Wafa.

4. Nikaah-khwaan ending the prayers in Ishq-e-Laa

We have seen a million nikaahs in pakistani dramas. Most of them are on the stage with the whole family surrounding dulha and dulhan and a lot of guests around them. Then there are those nikaahs that happen with only the immediate families around them. There are some

In Ishq-e-Laa, after Shanaya and Azlan’s nikaah,


5. Janaza procession in qabrastan in Daasi

Okay, so people die in real life, and people die in dramas. We always see the janaza being taken away from the house, but we never see what happens afterwards. Daasi was the first time that showed the janaza processing walking into the graveyard, loweing the mayyat in the grave and stuff.

I have been raving about this unique scene ever since I watched Daasi. Only two days ago,  I watched the first two episodes of Khaani. I realized that Khaani might have done it before Daasi. But hey… For me, it was Daasi… Just saying

6. Billo Reciting Yaseen in Suno Chanda Season 2


Mizna reciting Yaseen in Suno Chanda Season 2 when Jamshed was sick and hospitalized.

7. Momin calling azaan

Momin giving azaan and a few people actually offering fajr with jamaat.

8. Adam offering namaz in Mushk

Until I watched Mushk, I had always seen the women offering prayers. Seeing a man do so on screen was so refreshing.

9.  Kashf making wuzu in Kashf

Similar to #9, we have seen women offering namaaz, we have seen the episode opening with azaan’s sound, but I had never seen the main character doing the ablution. This scene stayed with me forver.

10.  Kids in Madarsa

The first episode of Aye Musht-e-Khak shows a madrasa where kids are reciting surat Ikhlas after the mudarris. We even see open qayeda showing us the quranic verses. It reminded me of our madarsa where we used to be our loudest self and repeat after our Hafiz Saheb. This was generally just before chhutti, so we were super-excited and super-charged. I have never seen this on screen, so this was also a first.

Am I missing on something? What are some of the unique aspects of Pakistani dramas that stay with you?

Shabana Mukhtar

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