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Sinf e Aahan has been in my radar ever since it was announced. The first photoshoot was revealed and we saw a group of talented women – actors and producers coming together for this project. We see five gorgeous and talented women dressed in a green dress resembling pakistani flag in one form or the other; that itself is a goose bum in the inducing sight. Then, you learn that Umera Ahmed is penning the story. When Umera Ahmed is writing an army based story, you know that you are in for a treat.

I have said this in my earlier posts and I will repeat the same story again: My introduction to Umera Ahmed was her first her story “Abhi Toh Maat Baqi Hai”. The story surrounded the life of Rabeel, her twin sister, her mother who struggled to raise them, and her father who abandoned the family. The whole drama was based around the fact that Rabeel’s grandfather wanted his son to be an Army General and be the third one in the same family. It was probably the first time that we had read about the army life so closely. Umera did not stop there. She went on to write several other army based stories many of which I can’t remember I mean I know I remember the story but I don’t remember the titlew. I have very for memory in when it comes to book titles.

PS: I just found that I have reviewed Abhi Toh Maat Baqi Hai. You can more about that here.

Okay, so army based stories are a thing of Umera Ahmed. She comes from an army family, and she has a first-hand insight into army people’s lives.

1. The title “Sinf e Aahan”

The first reason is the title of the series itself – Sinf e Aahan. Womankind has been referred to as Sinf e Naazuk or the fairer gender. It was considered poetic and elegant. It’s not. Why are we called naazuk? Why do we link nazakat with womankind? Do men not have fragile egos? Are they not naazuk is some way or the other?

This title Sinf e Aahan (gender of steel, literally, women of steel poetically) alone tells us what Umera has in mind. This is a story about women with nerves of steel.

2. The writer “Umera Ahmed”

The second reason is the writing itself. It is an established fact that Umera Ahmed knows how to draw the reader and the viewer knto the fictional world that she creates. She belongs to a family with army background, and we have seen her pour her life experience into several stories. This time she returns with an army based story that will redefine women empowerment.

The teaser has shown us a little bit about each of the six women. It doesn’t take a genius to assume that the story will revolve around overlapping stories of six women belonging to different lines in the army. This drama will re-establish the fact that women are strong, independent and fierce, especially when it comes to their country. And, it applies to all women and all countries, not just Pakistan or India.

3. The star-studded and inclusive cast

The third reason is the star-studded cast. We see Sajal Ali as Rabia Safeer, Yumna Zaidi, Kubra Khan, Syra Yousuf, Ramsha Khan and Tashiya Yehali Kalidasa playing army officers. Then there is Usman Mukhtar, Asim Azhar and others. It’s going to be one of the most enviable cast ever. The cast and  the characters both are going to be inclusive. Tashiya is  Srilankan, Syra is playing a Christian (a minority in Islamic Republic of Pakistan), Tumna is Pashto, Ramsha is a Baloch. Could we ask for more?

I’m also interested because this isn’t based on any of Umera’s written work. There are pros and cons of watching a drama based on written work of the same author. I will get to that later, or maybe in a separate post.

I love how the teaser is cut. It’s so intriguing. For the first time, ARY hasn’t included the whole story synopsis in the YouTube description, hehe.

In short, Sinf-e-Aahan has me hooked. We all are looking forward to this drama, I’m sure.

Alright, I will now move on to the cast and characters. I will do a separate post as I always do.

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. liza says:

    yup, and i think tashi’s character too. it’s something perrera. I forgot the first name. Ramsha Khan as Pariwesh Jamal is representing Baloch. they have also released the individual teasers for the characters !!

  2. Yes, i notice that as I watch their individual character reveals. I hadn’t gotten time to see those yet. Arzoo Daniel, right? She looks the part. Who’s representing Baloch?

  3. liza says:

    and most importantly, it sheds light on the minorities. and i’m so happy to see a blockbuster drama showing and including the minorities of pakistan. and as a christian i was so happy to see syra playing a christian character. i mean yes, pakistan is a majority islamic country (duh) but it’s so refreshing to see the minorities being included, the balochs and christian’s. and I can finally relate to a character. however, i did wish they included a hindu character but ah wells. +10 points for Umera

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