Top 3 | Scenes that Pakistani Dramas should be rid of

A while ago, several years ago, I was watching a Russel Peter’s stand-up comedy clip where he told one joke about his dad-somebody’s gonna hurt real bad, and then he retired it. That is, he wouldn’t use that joke anymore. Similarly, Pakistani drama industry in general and the directors in particular, must retire the azaan scene. It is used so often that it has lost its charm.

1. Opening an episode with azaan

This scene is used so often that I lose track. In recent past, Kashf drama’s first episode and Dil-e-Momin’s first episode both open with azaan. But these are only two examples. We have seen it happen like gazillion times. If it doesn’t add anything to the story otherwise, why show it.

I agree, in these two examples, the azaan does add to the story. Kashf and Momin both offer Fajar without fail, but in other cases, it is just a plot device to open the episode. 

Gosh, I need more examples here, but you get the drift, right.


2. Main character offering namaaz

All too often, we see the main character, mostly the heroine, offering namaaz. If the intent is to show how religious the heroine is, we should see her offer namaz again, no? 

Take, for instance, Humsafar. Khirad offers namaz once, and then she gets so busy romancing Ashar that we don’t see that again. Showing her offering namaz repeatedly would establish character; showing her offer once is just a trick to emotionally manipulate the viewer; in my not-so-humble opinion.

My other grouse with this scene is that they continue namaaz even though azaan is still in progress. If you know a little bit of Islam, or ask Muftis; the best ibadat to do when you hear azaan is to repeat azaan’s words, even offering namaaz at that time is not afzal, not the best.


3. Waking up with full makeup

I think I mentioned this in my review of the first episode of Chupke Chupke.

Look at the picture. There are heroines who wake up with a fully made-up look, and we barely adjusted to that. Then they go a step ahead and wear such chunky clunky jewellery to bed, really?

I hate when the heroine wakes up with full makeup and accessories and not even a single strand of hair out of place. What is up with that? 


Is there anything else that you are tired of seeing on-screen? I don’t mean the abuse and violence, just scenes like this that are overdone.  

Shabana Mukhtar

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