Wajhi Farooki | The New Sensation

Yep, this post is dedicated to the new musical sensation in Pakistan.

If you’ve read my review for Ruposh, you will know just how much I loved this telefilm. Part of the reason is it’s sound track. Both songs Ruposh and Humraazi are so so good. I kept watching the videos, and I kept singing the song until my brother asked me just stttop.

Of course, I’m not that good a singer.

Coming back to Wajhi…

So, when I watched the teaser for Badzaat, I knew it will be too dramatic, but I had to watch it for Imran Ashraf Awan. He’s just too good to ignore. In that first episode, two things stood out.

  1. Imran Ashraf Awan and his portrayal of Wali. Dude is toxic, but also sweet.
  2. The occasional “Mujhe Tum Abhi Bhi Pasand Ho” in the background.

It took me two weeks to finally be curious enough to see who is the singer. Lo and behold, it’s the same man who gave us Ruposh and Humraazi.

Wajhi Farooki,  way to go… Looking forward to more such memorable songs.

Shabana Mukhtar

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