Dilruba | Episode 20

The latest episode of Dilruba (episode 20, aired on August 15, 2020) is here. Let’s review.


This episode begins with a tiff between two brothers – Junaid’s father and Sehrish’s father. Shahnaz is still adamant. She wants revenge. I don’t understand this angle. Who do mothers have such lope-sided mentality for their kids and don’t see any logic? I am not defending Sanam, but Junaid is equally to be blamed for everything that has happened. Sanam was a flirt. He could have used his effing brains. Itna emotional kyu hone ka?

Annoying Sanam has annoying friend who brainwashes her and suggests that she should marry Farhad after he transfers some property to her name. In London, Sabeeh is still considering Sanam. I think that is the eventuality. Sabeeh and Sanam would end up together, once Sanam learns her lessons.

Sehrish is using her ‘I am the new bride” card with Arslan. Poor girl, she doesn’t know Arslan has anger issues. “If you leave now, don’t even think of coming back,” he says.

Her parents aren’t tame. Ghazala is hell bent on creating a bitter relationship but Jameel intervenes just in time.  But there is a change in plans as Iram gets to labour. More drama ensues as Shahnaz taunts Sehrish, Sehrish taunts Arslan and Arslan shouts at her.

Arslan is handsome, no?

Despite Ghazala’s and Arslan’s orders, Sehrish goes to Shahnaz’s house; Shahnaz tells them everything about Sanam.

Khurram sees Farhad and Sanam. Still being a husband, he’s effing jealous. He abuses Farhad and locks Sanam in her room.

Sanam is now torn between Daniyal’s house and Farhad’s love. She chooses Farhad and I still have a feeling that Farhad is just a ploy of Natasha to get Khurram’s house back. It could be my imagination.

Shabana Mukhtar

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