Dilruba | Episode 23

Ghazala is still siding with Sanam, as in, she still tries to hide what mayhem Sanam has caused. She begs Sabeeh to take Sanam with him so Arslan will calm down. Jameel begs Samia to give refuge to Sanam. What has life come to? Sanam is being humiliated left, right and center and that weepy, sulky expression is permanent on Hania’s face. She doesn’t look pretty when she cries. She’s not a good crier.


Farhad, Natasha and Sunny are nursing their wounds as their plan has failed. Farhad also tells Natasha that he cannot marry her, nor would he support her or her baby. I guess that closes Khurram’s chapter for good.


Arslan and Sehrish leave the house. Ghazala reminds Arslan that he is equally responsible for fuelling Sanam’s self-love. Sanam is struggling to please Samia. It’s not hard to see where this is headed. I had predicted long time back that Sabeeh will finally marry Sanam. He still loves her. Mohib Mirza has done a great job with his portrayal of Sabeeh.


Sabeeh decides to marry Sanam and Jameel comes to bring Sanam back. Now that Sanam has a place to go, will Sabeeh stick to his words?


He would, but this episode dragged for eternity and was far too melodramatic. Not happy with it.


Chalo, waiting for the closure.


Shabana Mukhtar




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