Dilruba | Episode 24

The latest episode of Dilruba (episode 24, aired on September 19, 2020) is here. Let’s review.

Sabeeh has promised to marry Sanam to give her respect, safety and security; the three things a woman needs in this society. Mt question is, why? I mean why marriage determines whether a girl should get the respect or not?

Junaid and Sehrish talk about their earlier relationship and Arslan overhears. Wow! She still loves Junaid. Junaid’s little speech is nice. But the question is, will Arslan forgive Sehrish? He does. And they return home.

Sabeeh not only marries Sanam but also brings Arslan. Soon, Sabeeh realizes that he still loves her. And they live happily ever after. Bhai waah!


Nice showdown between Junaid and Sanam.

Sabeeh the hero, Junaid the semi-hero and Khurram the villain who dies. Chalo, khel khatam paisa hazam. This episode was boring.

Until I post again, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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